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Ineo Global Financial Management is a comprehensive suite of financial services to meet our clients’ increasingly complex global expense management and processing requirements. Whether paying employees and vendors in remote locations or foreign currencies, we have a solution to meet nearly every need.

As for the clients you serve, Ineo operates as your smart while silent partner. Working behind the scenes, we leverage our CPA-level guidance and payroll/tax expertise, gain efficiency with our time-tested processes and controls, and seamlessly integrate into virtually any service delivery model — and you look like the hero, doing it all.

And like all Ineo financial solutions, Ineo financial management services operate on the celebrated MoveTrack platform — Ineo’s state-of-the-art global mobility software — giving you complete visibility to all your global program data. So you can assure your team that you’ve got their back…and ensure your stakeholders of unsurpassed program compliance.

Global Financial Management Services

  • Global Expense Management and Reporting
  • Payment Processing
  • Gross-up Calculations/Reporting – US/Canada
  • Audit & Compliance Review
  • Assignee & Transferee Support
  • Enterprise Financial Integration
  • Lump Sum Calculations & Ongoing Administration
  • Cost Estimate/Budget Calculations & Ongoing Administration
  • Compensation Accumulation/Collection
  • Hypothetical Tax Estimation
  • Balance Sheet and Instruction Services
  • Certificates of Coverage
  • Tax Payment and Equalization Support (TEQ)

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