Ineo Global Mobility Software

Introducing Ineo TechSuite

The broadest, deepest, and most comprehensive global mobility management software available today.

We’ve reimagined all the ways to deliver you more – more ease of use, control, flexibility, and security. The new Ineo TechSuite puts the user experience front and center along with the oversight and efficiency needed to compliantly manage your program office and engage your mobile workforce.

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What else can you expect from Ineo TechSuite?

A single record of data

Our one-door portal to a centralized, single database provides absolutely unrestricted service, assignment, geography, and policy considerations. No matter where your program office or your mobile employees, Ineo TechSuite expertly manages all your relationships, transforming chaos into compliance.

Seamless workflow

We’ve designed our software to guide you seamlessly through the entire assignment life-cycle, because no process in mobility is a stand-alone task. Ineo TechSuite provides fully integrated workflow management, easily modified to your unique processes, along with robust reporting tools to know your program is running at peak performance.

Global tax calculations

Superior tax calculations for global cost estimation allow you to better manage tax obligations — the most expensive component of any international assignment. Built-in, accurate tax calculations for more than 85 countries (and counting), states, and local taxing authorities means you’ll save time and money.

A robust audit trail

Effective data management of a complex chain of interconnected events ensures program and policy compliance. So we’ve designed Ineo TechSuite to provide important forensic capabilities across all data elements and workflows. You’ll have the ultimate knowledge of how well your program is functioning.

A feature-rich interface

The new user-friendly, intuitive, and feature-rich interface was designed for users all over the globe, including local language display and multiple currency conversion. Plus, it’s highly customizable, so you can configure your interface exactly how you like it. Ineo TechSuite makes a complex database super-simple to access, modify, and report from.

A technological leapfrog

Built on Microsoft’s latest web-scale application platform, Ineo TechSuite is a technological leapfrog into the next-generation. It ensures flexibility, availability, role-based security, and extensibility. And did we mention its elegant user interface?