Mobility Software CostEstimator

US/Canada and Global CostEstimator

Ineo’s CostEstimator tools make mobility cost estimation easy, efficient, accurate — and highly intuitive. Comprehensive, too, since this uber-handy tool incorporates all potential policy provisions that are currently associated with US and Canadian mobility programs. And because we’re committed to global mobility management, we also offer the industry celebrated Global CostEstimator featuring multi-national, and multi-currency functionality. Both tools provide policy driven calculations and highly flexible reporting options.

Of course we ensure that our CostEstimator database is meticulously researched and regularly updated. So you’ll profit from having the most current assignment-related cost data always at your fingertips, and with a few simple data inputs, the ability to create a sound estimate of compensation, benefit, expense and tax for each assignment. Everyone will benefit from enhanced cost management, improved budgeting, and minimizing unexpected charges.

Global CostEstimator
  • Multi-national Global Cost Estimates
  • Create, Copy/Clone from Existing, or Save and Revisit
  • Customize Naming Convention of Policy Benefits
  • Allocation of Days by Policy Benefit
  • Multi-currency Data Entry and Output
  • Client Specific Datasets Can Be Included
  • Ability to Default, Create Custom Calculations and Back-end Key Data Source for Policy Benefits
  • Standalone Website or Run from the MoveTrackTM Web Access (MWA) Menu
  • Single Sign-on Capacity
  • Branding to Client Specifications
  • Tax Calculations for 75+ Countries Plus State, Provincial and Canton Tax
  • Equalization and Gross-up Tax Calculation Logic
  • Social Tax Reciprocity
  • Option to Use AIRINC Dataset for Auto-population of Policy Benefits
US/Canada CostEstimator
  • Temporary Living
  • Final Move
  • Home Finding
  • Household Goods Shipment
  • Home Sale/Purchase
  • Duplicate Housing
  • Tax Gross-up Calculation
  • Property/Tenancy Management
  • Accurate Lodging Rates
  • Meal Per Diem Rates
  • Quarterly Updated Airfare Data
  • Quarterly Updated Rental Car Data
  • Flying & Driving Mileage Calculations
  • MoveTrackTM Integration
  • MapQuest® Integration
  • Policy Driven Calculations
  • Rates and Calculations for US and Canada
  • Annually Updated GSA / CONUS Data
  • Flexible / Printable Reporting
  • User/Role Policy Administration

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