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LumpSum Calculator

Intuitive, easy-to-access, and extremely flexible, Ineo’s LumpSum Calculator is in perfect tune with the changing needs and desires of today’s forward-thinking companies and their transferees. This highly cost-effective tool reduces the administrative burden of processing reimbursements and empowers employees with the speed, independence, and freedom they desire to fund their mobility related personal needs. Because we know a great user experience contributes to a great mobility experience.

How does it work? By combining millions of current statistical records from the federal government with web-based research and standard data sources. Although our compilation tool is highly detailed and extremely complex, we’ve made it hassle free. Accurate, too. Best of all, Ineo’s LumpSum Calculator is policy-driven, contains flexible reporting options, and can be run by itself or as an integrated module within our celebrated MoveTrack mobility software.

LumpSum Calculator

  • Temporary Living
  • Final Move
  • Accurate Airline Fare Data
  • Accurate Rental Car Cost Data
  • Accurate Lodging Rates
  • Meal Per Diem Rates
  • Integrates with MoveTracktm
  • Flying and Driving Mileage Calculations
  • MapQuest® Integration
  • Policy Driven
  • Rates and Calculations for US and Canada
  • Annually Updated GSA / CONUS Data
  • Printable Report
  • Quarterly Updated Airfare Data
  • Quarterly Updated Rental Car Data

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