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Could COLA be the Make or Break for your Global Mobility Program Success?

Let’s review some of the aspects of COLA and whether or not you should consider introducing or revamping a COLA policy into your corporate relocation program.

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Four Ways to Lower your 2023 Global Mobility Budget

With the 2023 global mobility budget planning cycle upon us, Ineo has put together several tips to help you sort through the options.

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Lump Sum Reimbursements: The Good, the Bad, & the Tools

Could your global mobility program benefit from this widely-used expense reimbursement method? We’ve got the pros and cons you need to know.

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The Why & How of Managing Global Mobility Compliance

Maintaining global compliance is essential to success for companies operating businesses in multiple international locations. This article will explain global compliance, why it matters, and how your company can best manage it when operating globally. 

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Managing Cross-Cultural Teams in Global Mobility

Let’s explore some key strategies for cross-cultural management in globally mobile remote teams.

Data Safety and GDPR Compliance

Data Safety and GDPR Compliance your Mobility Program Can’t Ignore

Learn how the GDPR has shaped current data privacy obligations and data safety best practices to protect your mobility program.

Vendor and Partner Management Software - the Secret to Service Success

Vendor & Partner Management Software: the Secret to Service Success

Managing supplier partners can be an unwieldy task for even the most capable mobility professionals without suitable software solutions.

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