2018 Relocation Tax Advisor

Ineo’s 2018 Relocation Tax Advisor (RTA) publication is the premier industry resource that provides a tactical approach with regards to understanding the complexities associated with global mobility. The RTA includes 2017 and 2018 updated relocation tax laws that have an impact on both your global mobility population as well as the relocation professionals who support these individuals. This powerful resource is a best-in-class solution designed to support the relocation industry.

The RTA helps the transferee leverage and plan for the significant tax implications and compliance issues associated with their move or assignment.

The 2018 Relocation Tax Advisor key components include state and local tax rate coverage as well as updated information on the following topics:

  • Proposed 2018: All moving expenses become taxable – gross-ups will increase significantly
  • Proposed 2018: No more 50-mile rule and no more 1-year rule
  • Proposed 2018: All HHG Expenses Taxable
  • Proposed 2018: Capital gains on home sales
  • New: Stock option exercise multi-state filing requirements, qualified and non-qualified options
  • New: Government tax issues updated
  • New: Federal tax rates
  • New: State and local tax rates
  • New: Foreign and local hires – tax filing compliance requirements
  • New: Community property state compliance issues
  • Tax credits and phase-outs and relocation tax effects
  • Global relocation assignments tax details
  • And more…
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Relocation Tax Advisor