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Global Compensation Services

Ineo Global Compensation services provide compensation, tax and payroll administration assistance. Whether providing compensation accumulation and collection services or calculating hypothetical tax, our highly configurable, client-driven approach delivers the program you need and want. As with Ineo’s other financial services offerings, Global Compensation was designed to ensure compliance. No more worrying about data integrity, holes in your program, financial controls, or processing consistency. It’s just that simple.

Global Compensation mirrors our other financial solutions by operating on our celebrated MoveTrack platform — Ineo’s state-of-the-art global mobility software. You gain complete visibility to your global program data so you can assure your team that you’ve got their back…and ensure your stakeholders of unsurpassed program compliance.

Global Compensation Services

  • Cost Estimate/Budget Calculations & Ongoing Administration
  • Compensation Accumulation/Collection
  • Hypothetical Tax Estimation
  • Balance Sheet and Instruction Services
  • Certificates of Coverage
  • Tax Payment and Equalization Support (TEQ)
  • Audit & compliance Review
  • Assignee & Transferee Support
  • Enterprise Financial Integration
  • Payment Processing
  • Lump Sum Calculations & Ongoing Administration
  • Global Reporting

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