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Ineo Global Mobility Software enables global corporations to reduce risk and ensure compliance in the complex world of mobility management. Our cloud-based, single-source system marries deep technological sophistication with impressive ease of use. Designed for full life cycle management and accounting of every type of global mobility assignment, it provides unmatched capabilities for program management, policy execution, financial control and global tax compliance. You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from seamlessly managing a complex chain of interconnected events.

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Create a single record of data.

No more disparate data sources, redundant data entry, or faulty handoffs of information to internal departments, employees or vendor partners. You’ll own a single record of data, absolutely unrestricted by service, assignment, geography or policy considerations. No matter where your program office or your mobile employees, Ineo Mobility Software expertly manages all your relationships and mitigates risk for each assignee, anywhere in the world.

Enjoy workflow efficiencies.

Our software was designed to guide you seamlessly through the entire assignment workflow, because no process in mobility is a stand-alone task. Ineo Mobility Software provides fully integrated workflow management, easily modified to your unique processes, along with robust reporting tools to know your program is running at peak performance. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates with HR, payroll, AP, GL so that all funds flowing through your program are managed and transparent.

Make your assignee smile.

No two ways about it — moving is stressful. Which is why we’ve created self-service tools and a mobile app to provide assignees and transferees with 24/7 access to all their data. They can submit receipts, view their policy, share documents, and receive status updates without having to track down their counselor. It’s a talent management tool aimed squarely at employee satisfaction and retention.

Better forecast assignment costs.

We provide superior tax calculations so you’ll more accurately forecast tax obligations – the most expensive component of any international assignment. With built in – and continuously updated – tax logic for more than 75 countries, states, and local taxing authorities you’ll have better decision tools, saving time and saving money.

Stop sweating compliance.

Ineo Mobility Software ensures that all your interconnected events work seamlessly and in concert. With disciplined and accurate multi-country data collection and collation, you maintain financial controls, reduce risk exposures and stay program and regulatory compliant.

Improve performance with expanded knowledge.

Clients tell us one of the things they value most about Ineo Mobility Software is our timely and accurate reporting of worldwide activity and cost. Having a complete, accurate view of your global portfolio gives you the power to perform strategic analysis, optimize your corporate service policies, increase operational efficiency, and streamline business processes: true business intelligence.

Use only the tools you need.

We know mobility program offices have different needs, so we’ll configure our software for the functions and workflows that best suit your program. We also offer cost estimate and compensation accumulation audit tools that can run independent of our core assignment management software and deliver tremendous ROI. Whatever tools you choose, you’ll be rewarded with increased accuracy, efficiency and compliance.

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