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Ineo Mobility Software is based on the industry’s first and still most revolutionary assignment and relocation management technology. Our cloud-based, single-source system marries deep technological sophistication with impressive ease of use. Designed for wing-to-wing management of every kind of global mobility assignment, it provides comprehensive capabilities for program management, policy execution, and tax compliance. Ineo’s true 360-degree view of the mobile employee population ensures oversight of your entire program as well as peace-of-mind on compliance issues such as global tax, policy, and data privacy.

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Flex your flexibility.

Ineo Mobility Software was created to flex and scale effortlessly to your growing program needs. Whether you’re handling assignments that are short-term, long-term, permanent, domestic, or international moves, our software tracks and performs tax calculations that are always assignment-appropriate.

Stay on track.

Costs. Dates. Suppliers. Reimbursements. Tax information. Details, details, details. Ineo tracks and reports on all the important, pertinent data surrounding both individual assignees as well as your entire global program.

Create a single-source database.

No more disparate data sources, redundant data entry, or faulty handoffs of information to other software applications. Ineo’s Mobility Software provides a single repository for all your program data, giving stakeholders 24/7 access to critical information. What’s more, we can seamlessly integrate with HR, payroll, AP, GL and a host of other internal applications you may require.

Let it flow.

Each new engagement starts with you providing a cost estimate for that specific move. The cost estimate triggers an authorization, which in turn unlocks the Ineo Mobility Software workflow. Then you just follow our intuitive system map, which lets you track and report on your mobile employee’s exact needs — anything from household goods to accounting, destination services, and more. This complete program management efficiently drives your workflow and reduces your workload, allowing you to focus on the employee experience.

Improve performance with expanded knowledge.

Clients tell us one of the things they value most about Ineo Mobility Software is our timely and accurate reporting of worldwide activity and cost. Having a complete, accurate view of your global portfolio gives you the power to perform strategic analysis, optimize your corporate service policies, increase operational efficiency, and streamline business processes. Now that’s business intelligence.

Use only the tools you need.

We know everybody’s needs are different, so we’ll configure our Mobility Software for the exact functionality that suits your program. Ineo’s Global CostEstimator and LumpSum Calculator are accurate, efficient, intuitive and economical programs that can run independent of our core assignment management software. Because we also know the only right tools for any job are the ones you’ll actually need and use.

Make your assignee smile.

No two ways about it — moving is stressful. Which is why we’ve created self-service tools and a mobile app to provide assignees and transferees with 24/7 access to all their data. They can submit receipts, view their policy, share documents, and receive status updates without having to track down their counselor. Your mobile employee will feel like a VIP…and you’ll be the hero for making that happen.

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