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Employee Expense Tracking Software

User-friendly mobile and online expense submission capabilities to empower your mobile workforce, wherever their assignment takes them.

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About Our Mobility Expense Management Software Functionality

Mobility expense management doesn’t have to be confusing, time-consuming, or error-prone. In fact, it can be just as simple as the click of a button. Ensure the funds flowing through your mobility program will be efficiently managed, transparent, and tax and policy compliant with Ineo’s mobility expense management features.

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With an online portal and a mobile app, Ineo’s platform allows assignees/transferees to manage all of the expense information they need related to travel and business expenses at their fingertips. It also simplifies the coding aspect of submitting expenses and gives employees the power to track multiple currencies, avoiding currency conversions (and potential mistakes).

Once employees submit expenses for everything from travel, lodging, and meals to packing supplies, appliance installation, babysitting expenses, and more, Ineo’s advanced expense reporting functionality automatically generates and submits an expense report for review. Program managers and RMCs can then easily assess the eligibility of the expenses, streamline approvals, complete the tax coding, and process to accounts payable (AP) and/or payroll. It’s never been easier to manage expenses for your mobility program.

A Fully Integrated Mobility Expense Tracking Process

Mitigate errors by reducing the number of human interactions required to move data from one place to another. From expense processing and payroll reporting to accounts payable, and accounts receivable, the entire process is fully integrated with Ineo’s platform, helping you ensure accuracy and compliance.

Designed for Users Around the Globe

Wherever your mobile employees need to go, Ineo’s online portal and mobile app are there. The platform is available in multiple languages and converts all currencies around the globe. There’s also no delay on system updates, so transferees can see any pertinent information the second it’s uploaded, no matter where they are located.

Simple & Compliant Payroll Processing & Reporting

To ensure compliance, you need to ensure that tax liabilities are accurately reported through payroll. Our industry-leading tax functionality is at the core of our platform and our tax components are researched constantly to ensure up-to-date tax laws and regulations, so your program remains compliant. Our platform also offers standardized reporting, eliminating the risk of errors and making reporting effortless.

Seamless Payout & Collection of Assignment-Related Funds

Many employees lack the knowledge to submit expenses and build expense reports manually, and doing so can also eat up a lot of their time. Instead, our platform notifies employees about all reporting requirements and allows employees to submit expenses via our mobile app—seamlessly moving the necessary accounting forward, ensuring accuracy and compliance, and freeing up their time to focus on their new job responsibilities.

Self-Service Tools & Mobile App Provide Users 24/7 Access to Their Data

Timely reporting rests on your mobile employees’ ability to upload their expense data into the system anytime and anywhere. With Ineo’s self-service tools and mobile app, employees can easily upload expense receipts, access the status of their reimbursement, track the details of their services, fill out tax details, retrieve documents, and more–all at the click of a button, anytime.

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Whether you are new to the world of global mobility or you’ve been in the business for a while, Ineo is here to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload expenses and create vouchers into Ineo’s platform using an Excel spreadsheet rather than inputting individual vouchers?

Yes, our platform has an Excel import tool that will create vouchers. You can create individual vouchers, or you can group vouchers by a specified column, such as Invoice Numbers. Templates can be saved for easy access and modification for recurring usage. In addition, you can use Ineo Connect APIs to generate vouchers, rather than using excel

Can we use an API to import expenses from our transferee portal into Ineo’s platform?

Ineo has current clients that use their own transferee portals and use Ineo APIs to load data into the Ineo Platform

Does Ineo provide country specific tax rates and logic for the tax calculation process?

Yes, Ineo does extensive research throughout the year, keeping up with current domestic and global legislation to ensure the most accurate and timely tax updates are provided on a quarterly basis. If there is an urgent change made in legislation, off-cycle tax updates will be released. U.S. Domestic Federal and State supplemental and marginal rates, as well as Canadian Federal and Provincial rates, are maintained in our platform for the most accurate tax calculations in the industry.