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All the knowledge and tools you need to seamlessly and compliantly manage your global mobility program.

Whether you are a corporation or a relocation management company, Ineo TechSuite global mobility software offers full lifecycle assignment management and integrates every aspect of the mobility workflow – from vendor management to global compensation services. Leveraging Ineo’s global tax knowledge, it integrates data entry and reporting with logic to support the complexities of mobility talent management.

Buttressed by a privacy policy and data security standards that comply with the highest levels of scrutiny, your mobile population data is secure and optimized for compliance, cost savings and effective program management.


TechSuite Core Functions
TechSuite Key Features

Single source of global mobility data

A cloud-based centralized database provides single source of data with unrestricted service, assignment, geography, and policy considerations. No more disparate data sources, redundant data entry, or faulty handoffs of information.

Expertly manage all your relationships, and mitigate risk for each assignee.

Accurate taxes for 90+ countries

Leverage Ineo’s global mobility tax expertise to better forecast assignment costs and tax obligations— the most expensive component of any international assignment.

Save time and money with built-in accurate tax calculations for more than 95 countries including state and local taxing authorities.

Interface in multiple languages

With the multi-language needs of Global Mobility in mind, the user-friendly and feature-rich interface includes interchangeable language display and multiple currency conversion.

Self-service tools and a mobile app provide employees 24/7 access.

Seamless integration

The fully integrated workflow management seamlessly integrates with HR, payroll, AP, GL. All funds flowing through your program are managed and transparent.

Robust reporting tools allow you to know your program is running at peak performance.

A robust audit trail

Effective data management of a complex chain of interconnected events ensures program and policy compliance. We’ve designed TechSuite to provide important forensic capabilities across all data elements and workflows.

With accurate multi-country data collection, you maintain financial controls and reduce risk exposures.

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