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Global Mobility Software

All the tools and knowledge you need to manage a mobile workforce with ease.

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An All-in-One Global Mobility Platform for Global Mobility Management

Save time, streamline global mobility management, and enhance the experience of mobile employees ⁠— all in one integrated platform.

Ineo’s global mobility software offers full lifecycle assignment management and integrates every aspect of the mobility workflow–from supplier partner management to global compensation. Leveraging Ineo’s global tax knowledge, the platform integrates data entry and reporting with logic to support the complexities of global mobility programs.

Buttressed by a privacy policy and data protection standards that comply with the highest levels of scrutiny, your global workforce data is secure and optimized for compliance, cost savings, and effective program management.

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The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution

There’s no need to purchase and integrate multiple software applications to manage your mobility program. Ineo’s platform has all the features you need while still offering seamless integrations with the HRIS, payroll, AP, and GL systems you’ve already invested in.

A Single Source of Data

Say goodbye to disparate data sources and redundant data entry. Ineo empowers you to gain complete visibility into all aspects of your mobility program by entering and accessing information in a centralized cloud-hosted database.

A Multi-Tenant Database

Why spend more time pulling data when you can get the same results faster? The Ineo solution has built-in segregation capabilities, allowing you to achieve more granular subsets of data more efficiently without the extra steps required with other platforms.

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“Ineo goes above and beyond with integrating us into their environment. From the start, they have proved their flexibility to accommodate our needs. We appreciate that the Ineo support team picks up the technical nuances and works through it for us.”

– An Ineo customer

Voyager – The Ineo Mobile App

Give Transferees & Assignees 24/7 Access to Their Data On-the-Go

Give mobile employees the power to submit receipts and track expenses whenever they incur and wherever their move takes them. Voyager keeps employees compliant with company policies and boosts the timeliness of expense tracking so you can ensure your program stays on budget.

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All the Features You Need to Manage a Mobile Workforce

We have all of the essential features to make global mobility management simple and stress-free.

Assignment Management

Coordinating global transfers/assignments has never been simpler with enhanced workflow, tracking, and reporting to ensure your program is operating seamlessly.

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Global Compensation Management

Trying to manage varied compliance obligations without specialized technology can leave you tangled in administrative tasks. Ineo’s global compensation technology streamlines your mobility compensation workflow with end-to-end consistency, accuracy, and compliance.

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Transfer and Assignment Cost Estimate Tools

The first step in coordinating a global assignment is forecasting the anticipated costs. Our Global and Domestic Cost Estimator and LumpSum Tools facilitate accurate budgeting before, during, and after the assignment.

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Mobility Expense and Payroll

Provide an enhanced employee experience with user-friendly mobile and online expense submission capabilities. Your mobile workforce will be empowered with dynamic expense tracking wherever their transfer/assignment takes them.

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Home Sale Program Management

For RMCs that help companies facilitate home closing for relocating employees, Ineo’s platform helps you manage the entire process. From capturing all of the expenses to managing supplier partners, the home sale process has never been simpler.

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Supplier Partner Management

Managing and reconciling global partner data can be complex and error-prone. The supplier partner network eliminates risks by accommodating a robust network of your vetted supplier partners to deliver services to your mobile workforce.

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Global Mobility Management Software for Your Unique Needs

For HR or Talent Managers

Ineo provides solutions to access real-time, global data on a ready-to-use platform that integrates what is frequently a highly fragmented data ecosystem, effectively mitigating risk and reducing non-compliance.

For Payroll Managers

Ineo’s platform supports a multitude of payroll needs that include expense management, tax services, and relocation costs. Reports are efficient and accurate, designed for users around the world.

For Compensation Managers

Ineo offers configurable and customizable solutions that will streamline processes and offer expert compliance guidance. The interface integrates with existing workflows for a seamless transition, giving back valuable time to teams.

For Relocation Management Firms

Ineo’s solutions are the key to reducing your administrative overhead. We also enable your employees to increase customer face time and improve the customer experience while freeing up your time to support the complexities of mobility talent management. We are here by your side to assist you with anything throughout the entire process

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is global mobility software and how can it help me?

The right global mobility software solution consolidates disparate information and relieves corporations and relocation management companies of the burdensome administration associated with global assignments – ultimately enabling global mobility practitioners to operate in a more strategic capacity.

The Ineo solution allows for streamlined and compliant end-to-end global mobility management. This includes (but is not limited to) tracking and reporting of basic assignment information, integration of third-party supplier partner data sets, expense administration and associated payroll reporting, projection of anticipated transfer/assignment costs and facilitation of budget to actual reporting, and full spectrum global compensation management.

Does your global mobility software support integrations with other systems and service providers?

Yes, Ineo has extensive experience developing integration solutions. These solutions include SSO with using identity providers, the creation of specific file formats and delivery methods (e.g. API, SFTP, SSH ) to meet our clients’ varied payroll, HRIS, third-party data sets, and service provider and exchange rate integration needs.

Can your system produce multiple forms of withholding and gross-up calculations?

Yes, we can calculate using a variety of different methods based on the client’s policy/intent in relation to income tax treatment.