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Assignment Management System

Improve international and domestic assignment coordination with enhanced workflow, tracking, and reporting.

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About Our Assignment Management Software Functionality

Ensuring your global mobility program is operating at its peak capability has never been easier. Take advantage of a centralized data repository, integrated and customizable workflows, and 360-degree insights into all parties involved in the program.

Ineo’s global mobility assignment program makes assignment management stress-free. At your fingertips, coordinate a full range of expatriate services to assigned populations on a variety of international compensation and benefits programs–seamlessly, efficiently, and compliantly.

A Centralized Data Repository to Boost Your Efficiency

No more spending hours searching through disparate systems and spreadsheets to find the data you need. Ineo’s platform puts all of your data in one place–from standard demographics to immigration, tax deadlines, and family details–making it easier to see where each employee stands within their assignment.

Integrated, Configurable, Customizable Workflows Improve Compliance

The ability for global, regional, and internal departments to reference information regarding permanent moves/assignments at any time is necessary for an effective global mobility program. Ineo’s platform allows for granular analysis of all of the information necessary throughout the mobility process. Workflows can also be configured and customized based on your company policies to ensure employees are remaining compliant.

System-Generated Stakeholder Communications Increase Time Savings

Communicating with transferees/assignees doesn’t have to consume all of your time. Ineo’s software allows you to send personalized communications via a pre-formatted email or letter and fills in the blanks (word merge), so you don’t waste time producing communications from scratch. Increased accuracy is an added benefit as the program eliminates the risk of human error.

A Robust Reporting Platform Improves Data Accessibility

Is your global mobility program operating at its peak performance and in accordance with policy? Ineo’s reporting platform will help you access and communicate your program’s status. The platform provides multiple levels of reporting, such as system reports, user reports, drill-down reports, and SQL reports. We also support an advanced report writer that provides web-based charts, dashboards, and reports.

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Whether you are new to the world of global mobility or you’ve been in the business for a while, Ineo is here to assist you.

The best way to learn how Ineo’s global assignment management software can help your company revolutionize your global mobility program and support your business needs is to see it in a demo. Fill out the form below to get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How flexible is Ineo’s platform?

Ineo’s platform has been designed in a manner that allows for maximum flexibility—and efficiency—for its varied client needs. The application can be easily implemented and administered, taking into account the different requirements in play at a client or local level.

For example, a corporate mobility program that operates in four key regions supported by distinct Global Mobility team members can take advantage of general policies (e.g. Task Policies, Cost Estimate Policies, and Balance Sheet Policies) and also clone and modify them as necessary to account for the local nuances of a region. Relocation Management Companies can take a similar time and resource-saving approach in creating distinct policies by client.

How are workflows configured in the Ineo Platform?

Ineo’s Tasks setup is used to configure workflow in the platform. Task Policies can be set up based on the various process steps required, which can be one-time or recurring in nature. Each system user can be automatically assigned specific process steps based on their role as defined in the system. Tasks can be triggered based on specific fields being populated in the platform, or can become immediately active when assigned to a file. In addition, system-to-system workflow can occur via an API process which can be set up by Ineo or the client.

What types of reporting are available in the Ineo platform?

Ineo’s platform allows a user via standard system reports and/or configurable user reports to extract any data element captured in the database. This includes any desired combination of demographic, assignment, compensation, etc. data, in the desired format, at the desired reporting frequency.

The platform provides multiple levels of reporting, such as system reports, user reports, drill-down reports, and SQL reports. We also support an advanced report writer that provides web-based charts, dashboards, and reports.