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Expert in global mobility, Ineo is the only company to offer comprehensive global mobility management software, outsourced mobility financial management, and specialized mobility tax services. For decades, some of the world’s largest corporations and relocation management companies have relied on us to efficiently manage their global mobility programs.


In everything we do, clients are always first. We are committed to ensure a successful experience for both the global mobility professional and the mobile employee.  By offering unfailing support to your global mobility programs…and by developing creative ways to save you time, stress, and expense. Ultimately, we reduce risk and ensure compliance in the complex world of global mobility.

Integrity and Passion

  • Integrity

    We strive to do things the right way each and every time — with kindness, generosity, and best intentions.

  • Passion

    We’re enthusiastic. Positive. Caring and committed. We love what we do. We believe staying positive leads to positive outcomes.

  • Respect

    We care about all people at all points of interaction, and do our best to communicate clearly. We believe respect holds the seeds of trust.

  • Expertise

    We are collaborative problem-solvers who never stop learning, never stop educating, and never stop leveraging our skills and experience to benefit our clients.

  • Adaptability

    We know a lot — so we know we don’t know it all. We’re willing to listen, reflect, and grow. We practice open-mindedness and flexible thinking. We embrace change.

  • Reliability

    We are committed to the highest quality client experience, to timely follow up and effective communication, and to consistency in the quality of our products and services.

Leadership Team

David Santora, CPA


About David

When David joined Ineo in 2009 he brought with him nearly 30 years of senior executive experience, a proven record of leadership, and an entrepreneurial spirit. He is known best for his expertise in the financial and strategic management of mobility-related companies. David leverages that deep industry experience to ensure Ineo continues to maintain its position as the mobility industry’s most trusted knowledge source.


Prior to joining Ineo David co-founded Relocation Taxes, LLC and was a former partner and co-owner of The Hessel Group, Inc. and The Hessel Group U.K. David also founded several successful real-estate venture and professional consulting firms, a private equity firm, and a CPA firm. He’s served in a range of senior management positions, including CFO, COO and Division President.


David is a CT Certified Public Accountant, a formerly CT licensed real estate salesperson and an advisory board member of the First Bank of Greenwich. He earned a B.S. in accounting from Mt. St. Mary’s College and is an alumnus of the Virginia Military Institute. When not focused on making Ineo the best company it can be, David enjoys spending time with his family and going off grid for fly-fishing and hunting adventures.

Christopher Martin, JD, CPA


About Christopher

For more than 30 years, Chris has been providing business, legal and tax advice to emerging growth companies and their key stakeholders: customers, employees and investors. He founded the law firm Martin LLP in 1996 to focus on guiding entrepreneurs to build healthy, sustainable, and profitable companies. Chris also co-founded Ascencia Partners in 2009 to invest in emerging growth companies seeking to achieve their vision.


Focusing on building strong teams to maximize their customer value proposition has always been a guiding principal in Chris’ work. Since 2010, along with David Santora, CEO, he’s brought that passion to Ineo, guiding the company in extending its leadership position in the global mobility marketplace. Chris worked previously at a large international law firm and as a CPA for Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young. He earned undergraduate degrees in accounting and computer science from Sacred Heart University and a law degree from Pace University School of Law. In addition to his passion for building thriving companies, Chris and his wife enjoy skiing, golf, tennis, cycling and hiking.

David S. Oltman, SCRP

Chief Compliance Officer

About David

David is a co-founder of ReloTax – now Ineo Tax Services, part of the Ineo LLC family – and The Hessel Group, located in Wilton, CT.  David has more than 30 years of experience in the relocation and payroll industry and was the former director of relocation at Ciba-Geigy / Novartis Corporation. David was also a division president of a publicly held company and the system architect for the former DRTS systems. Today David leads Ineo’s Tax Services division, providing a broad range of tax services and educational programs that keep companies, their assignees, and transferees compliant with tax regulations.


Well-known for his deep mobility tax expertise, David is a highly sought after national speaker in both the payroll and human resources industries. He has spoken at ADP’s Meeting of the Minds and Ceridian’s INSIGHTS national conferences where he was delighted to be rated as the “top” speaker. He is an ERC Meritorious Service Award winner. David received his BBA in Human Resources and his MBA in Finance and Taxation. He was one of the first people to earn the WERC Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation. David has been married for 40 years and has three children. Fun fact: David’s license plate tag on his car for the past 35+ years has been GROSS-UP.

Dan Duffy, CPA

Chief Product Officer

About Dan

With more than 30 years of experience in the mobility industry, Dan leads Ineo’s technology strategy, product design, and continued expansion of the company’s comprehensive global mobility solutions for technology, assignment management, tax and data aggregation.


Dan is recognized as one of the industry’s original innovators of mobility technology solutions and has immeasurable technical and subject matter expertise. Dan brings an enormous number of “intangibles” to Ineo and Ineo’s client base. Among those are his background as a CPA, his gifted programming and software architectural skills, an extremely deep knowledge of the mobility industry, and his experience as CIO for several large relocation management companies, including Primacy (now Cartus) and Aires.


Dan is a natural leader who brings the best out of everyone who works for and with him. He’s committed to working closely with Ineo’s clients to ensure our product suite meets the increasingly complex demands of the mobility professional and their broad range of stakeholders, from IT, to finance and compliance, and to the ultimate stakeholders: the assignees and transferees. Dan earned bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Computer Science from the University of Montana.

Brian Vitello, CPA

COO, Financial Solutions

About Brian

A 20 year veteran of the global mobility industry, Brian founded ExpensePro, LLC – now Ineo Global Mobility Financial Solutions – in 2003 as part of the Ineo LLC family, with the vision to create an industry-leading global mobility financial management and tax processing solution. Under Brian’s leadership and guided by his extensive payroll/tax experience, the financial solutions team assists Ineo clients in developing and maintaining high quality global mobility expense administration services including global financial services, payroll and international payment services and administration.


Previously, Brian worked in relocation software for Relocation Management Systems (RMS) and The Hessel Group (THG) as a tax consultant. While with RMS and THG, he supported Fortune 500 companies and global mobility services providers performing software and relocation tax training, payroll, consulting, and compliance audits.


Brian is a member of the Employee Relocation Council (ERC), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants (CSCPA).  He holds a BS in public accounting and a MS in taxation. In addition to taking great pleasure in helping Ineo clients achieve their mobility program goals, Brian enjoys skiing, reading, traveling and spending time with his family – particularly playing sports with his son.

Deborah A. Gioiella, MBA

COO, Tax Services

About Deborah

Debbie is a co-founder of Relocation Taxes, LLC , which merged into Ineo in 2011. She serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Ineo Tax Services and as a partner in the firm. Her main role is to lead the operations of the entire Tax Services Division. She is directly responsible for the delivery of the Ineo Tax professional services product suite and oversees a team of 10 professionals. Additionally, Debbie is very active in new business development by participating in both the sales and account management processes as a hands-on subject matter expert. She also is known for her ability to customize robust service offerings while maintaining strong client relationships throughout a multitude of verticals within the Ineo client base. Her primary focuses are on client relationships and strong strategic leadership.  She also partners closely with relocation management companies to provide compliance-based solutions.


Debbie’s enthusiasm and positive approach to life extends to her work. It allows her to lead a team of highly accomplished tax professionals who shares a common set of values rooted in passion, integrity, excellence and ethics.  They are subject matter experts on relocation, multi-state and individual taxation.


Prior to joining Ineo Mobility, she spent her entire career providing a comprehensive range of accounting and tax services to a diverse client base. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit has helped her excel throughout her career.


Outside of work she gives back to her community by volunteering for various civic and charitable organizations. Most notable of these efforts has been she her role as member of the New England Ballet Company Board of Directors for eight years. A huge culinary enthusiast, Debbie also enjoys exercise, travel, and above all, spending time with family and friends.

Clare Falcha, CPA


About Clare

Clare is a highly accomplished finance professional with extensive experience in accounting and relocation tax. Clare began her career in public accounting for large corporations and has worked across multiple sectors. Capitalizing on 25+ years of industry experience, Clare manages Ineo’s finance department, including all accounting, audit, payroll, contract, vendor and personnel administration. Clare takes great pride in ensuring that Ineo’s processes and reporting are streamlined, smooth running, accurate and compliant. She’s a staunch believer in focusing on the client and making Ineo easy to do business with.


Clare earned her BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Finance from Eastern Connecticut State University. When not knee deep in reports, she relishes watching her children play sports, UConn basketball and football.

Mary B. Reilly

Senior Vice President, Global Business Development

About Mary

Mary is recognized throughout the mobility industry for her numerous accomplishments in creating innovative supplier alliances, client services and technology solutions. During her 30 years in global mobility and tax, she’s worked directly with corporations and government agencies to develop and manage business alliances internationally.


Prior to joining Ineo, Mary held management positions at Prudential Relocation Management, Mead/Westvaco (now West Rock), and Colgate Palmolive. Among her many achievements, she’s proud to have successfully managed several large headquarter group moves and provided mobility assignment management benefits to expatriates in 200+ countries. She and her family also participated personally in three corporate relocations, providing insight to the importance of a successful transferee experience.


Mary’s combination of third party and corporate mobility and tax experience make her a valuable partner to her global mobility clients. She’s passionate about applying that experience to ensure each client takes advantage of the right combination of software and services to make their mobility programs run smoothly and in compliance. When she does get some downtime, Mary enjoys traveling, taking walks on the beach and reading great books.

Tom Bruhn, CRP

Vice President, Customer Success

About Tom

With over 30 years of Mobility industry experience, Tom joined Ineo as Vice President Customer Success in April 2019. Tom will be responsible for helping Ineo customers to enhance their global employee mobility programs by optimizing the capabilities of their Ineo assignment management software and services.


Passionate about client advocacy, Tom has a track record of driving meaningful, productive client and supplier partnerships focused on collaboration, integrity, and respect. Prior to joining Ineo, Tom served as Vice President, Client Services at both Weichert Workforce Mobility and SIRVA, and before was Account Manager at Cendant Mobility (CARTUS). He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Music from Elmhurst College. Tom is an avid music buff, loves to travel, and enjoys fine dining with family and friends.

Kevin Flynn

Vice President, Development, Mobility Software

About Kevin

With more than 23 years of experience in IT, including 20 years in the global mobility industry, Kevin is a key driver behind Ineo’s market leadership in global mobility software. Kevin joined Ineo in 2004 as senior applications architect and was promoted to director of IT in 2009. Throughout his time with RMS\The Hessel Group, SIRVA Relocation and Ineo, he has developed a unique understanding of relocation tax and accounting systems that has proven invaluable to Ineo’s growth. Today he leads the technology team in developing and enhancing MoveTrack, MoveTrack Web Access and LumpSum Online while staying in touch with, and planning for, the next generation client of needs.


Kevin earned a B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics with concentrations in Computer Science and Statistics from Colorado State University. When not at the keyboard or whiteboard, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Jamie Shelbourn

Director of Client Success, Mobility Software

About Jamie

Jamie has been a key member of the Ineo team for more than 14 years. After several years as an IT analyst for a global relocation management company, she joined Ineo to apply her project management, relocation, and systems implementation expertise to the technology side of the mobility industry. Now, with more than 20 years of mobility experience in both operations and IT, Jamie has been – and continues to be – influential in the design and enhancement of MoveTrack.


In addition to her role in technology, Jamie manages client services and training programs for Ineo. Among the many ways she supports our clients’ efforts is by sharing her expert knowledge of homesale and destination services – and accounting processes –  through consulting, training and effective system implementation. Her depth of experience in operations and technology is a critical element of her success, but Jamie will be the first to say that the customer experience and personalized relationships are key. “When clients call Ineo, it should be nothing like a “call center” experience!” These are also the elements of her job that make her excited to come to work each morning.


Jamie earned her certificate in e-commerce technology from the University of Colorado. When not working on a major client implementation or helping her team meet their deliverables, Jamie enjoys watching college basketball and loves the countless adventures she experiences with her husband and two little boys.

Ange Miller Rogers

Managing Director, Client Services, Mobility Software

About Ange

With more than 22 years of relocation tax, accounting, audit, compliance, payroll processing, and software experience, it’s no wonder Ange has worn so many hats: technical support and business analyst, expense processor, project manager, relocation accountant, implementation specialist, and trainer. At Ineo, her responsibilities include leading and managing the client services team as well as supporting clients with training programs and system implementation.


Ange is a resident subject matter expert for Ineo’s mobility software and was influential in its design and functionality. Understanding both the operational and technology sides of relocation makes her a key asset, and no one sets a higher standard for implementation and training. Ange values the client relationships she’s cultivated over two decades and gets the most gratification by helping those clients achieve their goals. Ange and her husband are passionate about worldwide travel and the 3 dogs that wear them out at the dog parks around Denver. Also high on her extra-curricular list: community volunteering for species of both the human and animal variety.

Donnielle Freeman

Director, Financial Solutions

About Donnielle

An original member of the ExpensePro – now Ineo Financial Solutions – team, Donnielle has more than 18 years of mobility tax, accounting and payroll processing experience, experience which greatly impacts the success of her colleagues and her clients. Donnielle developed her subject matter expertise through multiple roles including account manager, auditor, and relocation accountant for companies such as Paragon Relocation, CHA Relocation and Delta Corporate Services. She’s also worked for a national payroll administration organization and a national collections/debt organization.


Donnielle is relied upon for her deep knowledge of audit and compliance including the application of FAR and FTR.  Among her responsibilities are budgeting, lump sum calculations, custom reporting, exception and cost savings tracking, vendor management, payroll and internal audit and year-end gross-up processing and reporting. Always racking up accomplishments, she consistently receives 100% on audits and the appreciation of her colleagues, clients and transferees. Donnielle is newly married, and when not in the office managing programs, enjoys spending time with her husband.

Kevin Clark, CPA

Director, Financial Solutions

About Kevin

Kevin has over 10 years of experience in the global mobility industry – specifically in expense management, tax, payroll processing, and international reporting.  Kevin holds a BS in accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Relocation Professional (CRP).  At Ineo, his responsibilities include budgeting, lump sum calculations, custom reporting, exception and cost savings tracking, vendor management, payroll and internal audit, and tax gross-up processing and reporting.


Kevin has worked in several financial positions previously with Primacy, Cartus, and Graebel in various positions including relocation accountant, payroll reporting analyst, customer finance senior, and manager of client financial services. He has supported a large number of various-sized clients – from Fortune 500 companies to clients handling one move per year.  During this time, he has gained invaluable experience that allows him to be a subject matter expert for his clients in all financial aspects of global mobility.  He takes great pride in ensuring any client he works with receives the best customer service possible, attending to their needs swiftly with professional guidance.


While not supporting Ineo’s clients with all their mobility needs, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.  They take full advantage of the beautiful weather in Colorado and love spending time outdoors – from tubing in the mountains to playing sports in the backyard.  Kevin enjoys golfing and is an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs and Tennessee Volunteers.

Ashley Daly

Director, Global Compensation Technology Solutions

About Ashley

Ashley’s global mobility career spans nearly two decades and brings a broad array of global mobility experience to Ineo.  Her strong appreciation for the efficiencies, transparency, and compliance that can be achieved by leveraging mobility technology solutions helps her clients realize their goals and maximize their Ineo services.  She is passionate about ensuring a positive customer experience and establishing and fostering strong partner relationships with her clients.


Living abroad and studying foreign language during college fostered Ashley’s interest in a global career, which began in Big 4 international assignment consulting.  Ashley later transitioned from consulting to the corporate arena, joining the global mobility function for a large multinational pharmaceutical company. Her responsibilities ranged from providing counsel to HR and business leaders on all aspects of global mobility policy and compensation process, to education, training, and multiple global mobility software implementations.


Ashley’s affinity for global mobility extends to her personal life, where she relishes opportunities to travel near and far with her husband and two young sons.  She is an avid reader and exercise enthusiast, taking full advantage of all that sunny Colorado has to offer.


We care about our customers and our team.

Working at Ineo is all about teamwork, putting our customers first, and thinking globally.


We look for high energy individuals who are ethical and want to work in an empowering environment that is supportive, friendly, and respectful. At Ineo, we have a firm belief that striking a balance between work and home is essential for well-being.


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