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Global Mobility Expense Management

A single partner you can trust to manage expenses and ensure compliance with your global mobility expense management requirements.

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Our Global Expense Management Services

Managing expenses for your mobility program can be a challenge — especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with corporate policy, maintaining accurate reporting for tax purposes, and staying efficient to ensure payments are processed in a timely manner. Instead, unburden your internal resources and outsource your global expense management to Ineo, a partner you can trust.

When you partner with Ineo Financial Services, you can ensure human resource mandates and payroll reporting are accurate and in full compliance with tax regulations around the globe. Our services leverage our leading-edge software and our experts have years of experience in the field, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you only need one expense management service to improve your process or you are looking for support with all aspects of expense management, we are here for you.

Transaction Audits & Compliance Review

Staying in control of your program budget means being conscious of where money is spent. Ineo’s experts can help you audit transactions to catch duplicate or erroneous expenses and ensure that all expenses comply with company policy and stay within budget.


Don’t let all of the regulations associated with global mobility expenses become a burden on you and your teams. At Ineo, we are skilled in understanding these regulations and meeting the reporting needs while staying in compliance—so you don’t have to.

Payment Processing & Expense Management

Efficient payment is essential to keep your mobile employees and vendors satisfied. Ineo can help you provide timely payments for supplier partners and assignees/transferees globally. We offer multiple different payment options including checks, ACHs (both US & Canada), and international wire transfers in all non-exotic currencies.

Budget Calculations, Cost Management & Ongoing Administration

The key to keeping your mobility program on budget is managing expenses compared to the budget, policy caps, and cost estimates. Ineo’s system creates budget vs. actual reports and flags over-budget expenses, requiring an exception or rejection based on corporate policy. Our experts can also estimate tax liability, and always have global tax laws at hand to help you stay in compliance.

Lump Sum Calculations & Ongoing Administration

Instead of reviewing each individual expense/receipt, there is a better way to keep all employee funds/lump sums within the parameters of company policy. Ineo’s Lump Sum calculator allows you to easily input policy parameters and calculate home finding, temporary living, and final move costs. You can also run multiple iterations of a calculation in order to take into consideration additional variables such as family size, location, and more.

Enterprise Financial Integration

Reduce errors and increase efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness with a system that offers full integration with your payroll, HRIS, accounting systems, and more. No matter what system you’re currently using, our system can integrate seamlessly, allowing us to provide your deliverables accurately and efficiently.

Gross-up Calculations/Reports – US/Canada

After you audit and process payment, it’s time to do gross-up calculations—but performing these calculations can be a headache. Ineo can remove the burden of calculating an accurate gross-up from your internal team and ensure that both your company and mobile employee stays in compliance with policies.

Global Reports

Communicating the results of all your different expense management processes is essential for tax purposes. However, tax and reporting requirements differ from location to location. Our global reports can help you stay in compliance and serve as a single source of data for tax return preparation

Assignee and Transferee Support

Free up your internal resources by outsourcing all global mobility expense-related questions to Ineo. Our experts are here to answer any questions you or your assignees/transferees have regarding expense, accounting, tax, and reporting requirements throughout the entire process.

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Whether you are new to the world of global mobility or you’ve been in the business for a while, Ineo is here to assist you.

Contact us to learn how our global mobility expense management solutions can support your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ineo make payments to foreign countries?

Yes, Ineo Financial Services can make payments in most foreign currencies. However, some countries have restrictions that prevent us from getting funds there, and these restrictions are constantly changing. Please contact us if you’d like to inquire about a specific location. We can also make tax payments to most taxing jurisdictions, where applicable.

Do you perform gross-up calculations for any countries other than the U.S.?

Yes, we can also perform gross-up calculations for Canada. Our system provides tremendous gross-up calculation flexibility for both countries, and we can accommodate a variety of gross-up methodologies to meet the needs of your relocation policy.

What is your process for handling program exceptions?

If an expense is deemed to be an exception under your corporate policy, we communicate directly with the preferred contact to request written approval to process payment. Within our platform, we are then able to flag the exception with the details of the: Exception Date, Exception Amount, and Exception Reason along with any additional details needed for Management Reporting. We will provide reporting for use in policy review and program changes.