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Global Mobility Compensation Services

Outsourced compensation, tax, and payroll administration completely customized to your needs.

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Our Strategic Global Compensation Management Services

No more worrying about data integrity, holes in your program, financial controls, or processing consistency when it comes to compensation, tax, and payroll administration for your mobility program. You can eliminate all of these challenges by outsourcing your global mobility compensation management to a partner you can trust.

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With Ineo’s support, you can gain complete visibility of your global program data so you can ensure your stakeholders of unsurpassed program compliance. Our experts are seasoned tax and compensation specialists that have years of experience supporting global organizations, including Big Four and Fortune 100 corporations, with global compensation services. Our team also leverages Ineo’s highly advanced global mobility software to boost efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. 

Whether you need Balance Sheet, Net-to-Net, Payroll Instruction/Reconciliation Services, Compensation Accumulation Support, and/or Total Compensation Reporting, our highly customizable approach to compensation management delivers the program you want.

Cost Estimate Preparation

Gain better insight into the potential costs that may be incurred for a permanent move or global assignment to establish budgets and cost accruals, including tax implications. When you partner with Ineo, we will help you configure cost estimate policies, automate budget to actual reporting, and identify potential cost-cutting opportunities.

Balance Sheet, Net-to-Net, and Payroll Instruction/Reconciliation Services

Policies can vary greatly when it comes to the creation of Balance Sheets and Net-to-Net Calculations, resulting in considerable administrative hassle. Instead, outsourcing this work along with payroll instruction and reconciliation to Ineo makes the process 100% compliant and stress-free. Ineo’s global mobility compensation experts leverage Ineo’s feature-rich, intelligent, and flexible software to automate processes and deliver compensation information on a secure and highly-efficient basis.

Certificates of Coverage

Avoid the tedious administration involved in gathering information from your global workforce to apply for certificates of coverage by outsourcing the work to a trusted partner. Ineo’s mobility compensation experts can complete your online U.S. outbound applications and extensions, and track global certificate expiration dates to apply for extensions when necessary, and provide status updates to you or your tax partner to ensure accurate tracking.

Compensation Accumulation, Shadow Payroll Reporting, and Global Statement of Earnings Preparation

Rather than investing significant time and resources into labor-intensive compensation accumulation, shadow payroll reporting, and global statement of earnings preparation, Ineo can relieve the burden of processing, saving you valuable time and money. Our experts leverage our software to manage everything from requesting payroll details to submitting necessary compensation data to generating and distributing shadow payroll reports for accurate and timely reporting compliance. Ineo’s platform also has built-in audit capabilities to identify any missing or extra data, comparing it to policy expectations, with an extensive review from our experts.

Tax Equalization (TEQ) Administration & Payment

Coordination of tax equalization doesn’t have to be a burden. Ineo will liaise with you and your tax partner regarding TEQ settlement results and record payments owed to employees and your organization. Then, we provide reporting on employee repayment status to simplify the follow-up process, disburse payments to employees as needed, and track all associated transactions in the system for inclusion in payroll reporting.

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Whether you are new to the world of global mobility or you’ve been in the business for a while, Ineo is here to assist you.

Contact us to learn how our global mobility compensation management solutions can support your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to accommodate various payroll and expense file formats?

Yes, our system is flexible from both a data import and reporting format perspective. Excel is a broadly used format; however, we do have the ability to receive and report in other formats to meet our client requirements.

What does mobility compensation involve?

Mobility Compensation refers to the various compensation processes involved with the lifecycle of an international assignee or permanent transferee. The process starts with the creation of a Cost Estimate, including costs associated with base compensation, relocation expenses involved with the years of transfers and each year in between, ongoing allowances, and the related taxes. Mobility Compensation also includes reporting of compensation delivery to the assignee via a report known as a Balance Sheet, leading to Payroll and Shadow Payroll Instructions. Global compensation and reportable expenses need to be collected and compiled into a year-end Global Statement of Earnings – this includes the capability to translate data denominated in various currencies into one common currency depending on who requires the Global Statement of Earnings report as well as the capability to report in fiscal years, where applicable.

Can you describe your capabilities as they relate to managing the compensation accumulation and shadow payroll reporting process?

Ineo’s process entails automated compensation collection requests and reminders by location using Excel templates that can be tailored as desired by the client/location.

Once a location returns the requested compensation data, Ineo’s Global Compensation team batch uploads and validates the data leveraging our automated audit functionality prior to posting it to a transferee’s record. Additionally, approved expenses and invoice details residing in Ineo’s platform can be compensation collected for consolidation of total compensation.

Ineo’s Shadow Payroll Reporting module enables the reporting (at a frequency dictated by the client) of relevant transactions to a given location. Note that reporting can be done to home country, host country, or a third shadow location.

Global Statements of Earnings (GSOE’s) can be generated from Ineo’s Platform in both summary and detail format. Ineo’s technology offers maximum flexibility in terms of the GSOE report presentation. For example, it can be run on flexible date ranges which can be distinct for payroll v. non-payroll transactions, in the desired currency, based on distinct location pay code descriptions or compensation code descriptions, etc.