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Global Compensation Management

Streamline your international compensation workflow with end-to-end consistency, accuracy, and compliance.

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About Our International Compensation Management Functionality

International compensation doesn’t have to burden your internal resources. Take advantage of seamless workflow – from cost estimates through balance sheets/net-to-net, payroll instructions, compensation accumulation, shadow payroll, and global statement of earnings reporting.

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Ineo’s global mobility platform makes international compensation manageable and efficient with a singular database. Capturing both expense and compensation transactions ensures that all applicable data is consolidated and available for real-time reporting purposes. The potential for human error is greatly minimized via automated audit processes designed to identify any abnormalities.

Rather than manually prepared spreadsheets, the software delivers automatic calculations and reports. These include home, host country, and hypo tax calculations for 100+ countries and tax gross-up calculations for the United States and Canada, freeing up your time and helping you ensure a compliant global assignment program.

A Single Platform for Reduced Risk Exposures & Increased Compliance

The optimal way to avoid costly errors such as tax liabilities or immigration issues is by hosting all of your assignee/transferee data in one place. Ineo’s database eliminates the risk of duplicate expenses or missed information. The platform offers task features to ensure employees are meeting the foreign country’s requirements for their tax liabilities, immigration status, and more.

Batching Capabilities to Save You Time & Money

Don’t waste valuable time processing all of your international employees individually. Ineo’s platform is an economical alternative to working with a Big 4 accounting firm. We offer international compensation featuring batch capabilities at each step to consolidate the process, improve accuracy, and provide significant time savings.

Simple Upload of Third-Party Service Provider Data Reduces Manual Work

Populating cost estimates can be time-consuming when you have to manually enter third-party service provider data into spreadsheets. Instead, Ineo’s platform can easily read third-party service provider tables (including Mercer, AIRINC, and ECA) via table upload and/or API, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

Automated Compensation Data Requests for Increased Timeliness

Instead of requesting compensation data manually from each employee’s location, which can draw out the process of compensating employees and result in inconsistent formatting, Ineo has a better solution. Ineo’s platform offers auto-generation of periodic compensation data requests from required contacts at user-defined intervals, boosting timeliness and accuracy.

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Whether you are new to the world of global mobility or you’ve been in the business for a while, Ineo is here to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the areas of concern regarding compensation management involved with the relocation of an employee across borders?

To identify the areas of concern regarding international compensation management, it is best to understand the lifecycle of the relocating employee. The most common scenario usually involves the long-term international assignee. The lifecycle of the long-term international assignee normally includes the following steps:

  1. Cost Estimate – determining the cost of the assignment throughout its duration and establishing a budget/accrual for expenses (including taxes).
  2. Balance Sheet – delivering a compensation summary to the employee so they can understand their periodic compensation payments and from where those payments will be made.
  3. Net-to-Net – if a tax reimbursement methodology other than tax equalization is utilized, a Net-to-Net calculation can be done, resulting in a compensation summary that is available to an employee whose net compensation from the home country is kept whole.
  4. Payroll Instructions – taking the results from the Balance Sheet and feeding them to the corresponding payroll so they can make the applicable payment on a timely and efficient basis.
  5. Compensation Collection – collecting all the necessary data that needs to be reported in various jurisdictions to meet corporate compliance requirements on a timely basis, including Expense Compensation Collection from expense payments made to/on behalf of the relocated employee.
  6. Shadow Payroll – reporting cash compensation payments made to those jurisdictions that must report as wages yet not doubly paying as cash.
  7. Global Statements of Earnings – compiling all the data mentioned above into one, comprehensive report for accurate tax return preparation on a timely basis. An audit process is also built into Year-End functionality for the system to detect missing or abnormal compensation data.

Note: the Global Compensation Modules included with Ineo’s global mobility platform allow the user to conduct all of the processes above within one contiguous database for not only long-term foreign assignments, but also short-term assignments, permanent moves, and localization situations where required.

What is the best way to pay employees on Long-Term International Assignments?

There are different ways to pay employees who are on Long-Term International Assignments. The “best” mode of delivering an international compensation package depends on the employer’s philosophy and delivery capabilities.

The three most common ways to deliver international compensation are Home Country Payroll, Host Country Payroll, and Split Payroll (some compensation is delivered in the parent country and the remainder delivered in the host country). There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the delivery methods.

Ineo’s platformconsists of Global Compensation Modules, in conjunction with the Expense Management Module, which automates the processes for reporting compensation delivery to the employee (i.e., Balance Sheets), reporting to payroll entities involved with the international relocation (i.e., Payroll Instructions, Compensation Import, Expense Comp Collection, and Shadow Payroll Processing), and reporting to third-party service providers for tax preparation purposes (i.e., Global Statement of Earnings).

It should also be noted that in some situations, minimizing tax implications will dictate a certain pay delivery (e.g., pay delivery outside of Brazil may be important for assignees outbound from Brazil).

How can compensation reports be delivered to the intended contact?

Ineo’s database can be used to send e-mail correspondences to intended contacts automatically that include password-protected reports attached (such as Balance Sheets to the assignee, Payroll Instructions to payroll contacts, Compensation Collection templates to the desired contact, etc.) or to a secure repository designated to save such reports.