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Employee Relocation Homesale Management Platform

Homesale management made simple so you can alleviate the stress from your mobile employees.

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About Our Homesale Program Management Functionality

A Homesale program is a great way to alleviate one of your relocating employees’ greatest stresses throughout the relocation process—selling their home. However, these programs can also result in a lot of administrative burden and risk for your organization.

Ineo’s employee Homesale management module streamlines the Homesale buyout and resale closing process for relocating employees while simplifying the acquisition and disposition process for your relocation management company or corporation.

Take advantage of a centralized platform to manage everything from the acquisition of real estate to the disposition of the property. Ineo’s platform can track inspections, listings, property taxes, mortgages, equity, resale offers, listings, HOA fees, inspections, referrals, and equity, and can also accommodate the inventory process, including both property taxes and mortgage payments.

APIs and automated processes streamline interactions between multiple parties, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your Homesale program. Ineo’s software also accommodates many different equity scenarios.

A Single Database to Track All The Necessary Details

With so many details involved in reselling or managing a home for a relocating employee, it’s important that you don’t lose sight of critical information like dates, expenses, fees, requirements, and more. Ineo’s platform allows you to track and access all of the necessary details in a single database at any time, so nothing gets overlooked. Ineo provides tasks and tickler tools so that no details get missed during the Homesale workflow process.

Full Transparency for You & Your Mobile Employees

There is a lot to consider when reselling or managing an employee’s home. That’s why Ineo’s platform offers functionality to track inspections and calculate appraisals, mortgage balances, loss of sale, equity, and more. You will gain a better understanding of what your organization is taking on, and employees will understand the expenses they are responsible for, the funds they are receiving, and more.

Timely & Compliant Employee Relocation Homesale Management

It can be a challenge to keep track of all the information for your Homesale program. Utilizing the Ineo Platform, counselors can set up tasks to ensure that everything from equity payouts to inspections are done in a timely manner, according to your relocation policy. Timely Homesale management ultimately results in happier employees who are able to focus on their job rather than the stresses of the Homesale process.

Simple Supplier Partner Management for Increased Confidence & Efficiency

Increase the efficiency and quality of the Homesale management process by having a database of pre-vetted supplier partners you trust to provide quality Homesale services in a timely manner. Ineo’s supplier partner management functionality consolidates your supplier information into a single database that you can easily reference to select supplier partners based on their ratings and service areas.

Full Homesale Accounting & Reconciliation

Ineo’s software has all the necessary reporting to handle the Homesale accounting process. The reporting functionality makes it easy to complete the final reconciliation using standard reports such as final reconciliation worksheet, final disposition report, cash flow, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ineo platform have the ability to calculate the equity proceeds for the sale of my transferee’s home?

Yes! Ineo’s platform can handle multiple types of equity scenarios, including but not limited to: equity sent directly to the transferee from a client, equity sent by a client and resale proceeds sent straight to the client, negative equity paid by the client, negative equity paid by the transferee, negative equity where part is paid by the client and part is paid by the transferee, and more.

What is the benefit of entering in the equity screen (vs. posting an expense) to show the Homesale costs for the file?

When using the equity screen to track, calculate, and post both the purchase side (between you and the transferee) and the sale side (between you and the outside buyer), the system will post the detail of all home sale expenses for both sides of the transaction and allow you to run a final disposition report. This report will break down all expenses by category (acquisition costs, recurring costs, selling costs, etc.) and give you a bottom line of “true” property expenses.

Can the Ineo platform handle different equity scenarios?

Yes! Ineo’s platform can handle multiple types of equity scenarios, including but not limited to: equity sent directly to the transferee from a corporate client, equity sent by a corporate client and resale proceeds sent straight to the corporate client, negative equity paid by the client, negative equity paid by the transferee, negative equity where part is paid by the client and part is paid by the transferee, negative equity paid by the client on the first equity purchase record and then a positive equity situation on the second purchase record, and more. Contact us to learn more about how Ineo can help with your equity scenario.