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The power to manage a global workforce, reduce risk and ensure compliance at your fingertips.

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Ineo Platform

An Integrated Suite of Tools to Manage Globally Mobile Employees With Ease

As employee mobility in domestic and international locations continues to grow and evolve, Ineo’s integrated suite is the solution you need to ensure that your organization is operationally efficient and compliant, now and in perpetuity.

Gain all of the tools and knowledge you need to manage globally mobile employees while mitigating risk and ensuring that your mobility program is compliant with domestic and international regulations. The innovative platform integrates data and reporting and streamlines processes, giving back valuable time to your teams, reducing costs, and enhancing the client and employee experience.

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The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution

Everything you need to manage a global workforce, all in one platform. Ineo’s integrated suite includes robust features for finance and accounting, global compensation, and all U.S. and Canada tax withholding/gross-up calculation functionalities.

A Single Source of Data

Say goodbye to disparate data sources. Ineo’s integrated suite offers a single source of global mobility data through a cloud-based centralized database with unrestricted service, assignment, geography, and policy considerations.

A Multi-Tenant Database

Ensure privacy and security and scale more easily. With Ineo’s integrated suite, each user has their own data, reporting, and security on the platform. For organizations that manage multiple stakeholders – clients, departments, etc. – the Ineo solution maintains the data within a single-source platform.

Ineo Site

“Ineo is going above and beyond with getting our company to run in their environment. From the start, they proved their flexibility to accommodate us.”

– An Ineo customer

Voyager – The Ineo Mobile App

The Perfect Solution for Tracking Expenditures On-the-Go

Give mobile employees the power to submit receipts and track expenses whenever they incur and wherever their move takes them. With Voyager, you give your employees the power to submit expenses and receipts while tracking the status of reimbursements, whenever they incur, wherever their move takes them.


The Global Mobility Services You Need to Streamline Transfers & Assignments

Managing transfers, assignments (temporary, short-term or long-term), and global teams doesn’t have to be stressful. Our global mobility services business provides industry-leading customer service and expertise to ensure a successful experience for global mobility professionals and mobile employees.

Tax Services

Tax laws around the globe are constantly changing and evolving. At Ineo, we provide tax knowledge you can rely on in the global mobility industry. We’re here to help you mitigate your financial risk, eliminate surprises, seize new opportunities, and reduce the possibility of non-compliance.


“Our tax consultant was incredibly helpful and patient in carefully walking me through the calculation… I am very thankful that we have Ineo taking care of our relocation taxes.”

– An Ineo Tax Services client

Innovative Global Mobility Solutions For Your Needs

For HR or Talent Managers

Ineo provides solutions to access real-time, global data on a ready-to-use platform that integrates what is frequently a highly fragmented data ecosystem, effectively mitigating risk and reducing non-compliance.

For Payroll Managers

Ineo’s platform supports a multitude of payroll needs that include expense management, tax services, and relocation costs. Reports are efficient and accurate, designed for users around the world.

For Compensation Managers

Ineo offers customizable solutions that will streamline processes and offer expert compliance guidance. The interface integrates with existing workflows for a seamless transition, giving back valuable time to teams.

For Relocation Management Firms

Ineo’s solutions are the key to reducing your administrative overhead. We also enable your employees to increase customer face time and improve the customer experience while freeing up your time to support the complexities of mobility talent management.

Why Ineo?

In everything we do, our clients always come first. From offering reliable support for your global mobility programs to developing creative solutions to save you time, stress, and expense, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of global mobility with ease and confidence. With over 1,000,000 historic transfers/assignments managed, we have the expertise to improve your global mobility process.

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