Global Mobility Expense Processing

Outsource your employee expense management and compensation for your global mobility assignment program.

Rely on Ineo Financial Solutions’ industry-leading expertise in global mobility to handle your employee expense management, policy audits, payment processing, payroll reporting/instructions, and compensation administration. All our services leverage Ineo’s global mobility software which easily interfaces with your financial accounting platform.

Relocation management companies and corporations minimize the burden on internal resources when we handle assignee, expat, and vendor payments in remote locations and foreign currencies—saving you time and money.

Global mobility expense processing services

Choose to have Ineo manage the financial transactions of your global mobility program. Corporations and relocation management companies will ensure their program is accurate, streamlined, reliable, compliant, and hassle-free.

Rely on global payment processing experts

Ineo’s CPA-led, CPA-designed, and CPA-built controls and procedures mean you’ll receive industry-leading expertise in global mobility financial transactions. No more worrying about the increasingly complex global expense management and processing requirements.

Timely, accurate mobility expense management

Ensure the timely and accurate processing of your expense management and global compensation. Our financial services integrate with the Ineo TechSuite global mobility software which easily interfaces with your financial accounting, payroll, and HRIS systems. Have the peace of mind that all funds flowing through your program are efficiently managed and auditable.

Ensure global mobility program compliance

We manage your tax and compliance issues, and eliminate process redundancy. No more concerns about data integrity, holes in your program, financial controls, or processing integrity.

RMCs benefit from a smart and silent partner

Ineo operates as the smart and silent partner for Relocation Management Companies. RMCs benefit from our CPA-level guidance and payroll/tax expertise and gain efficiency with our time-tested processes and controls. Because we seamlessly integrate into virtually any service delivery model, you will have complete visibility into all your global program data…and ensure your stakeholders of unsurpassed program compliance.

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