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Global Mobility Expense Processing

Save time and money by outsourcing your global mobility expense processing to a partner who will keep you in compliance.

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Industry-Leading Global Mobility Financial Support to Reduce the Burden On Your Internal Resources

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Managing the financial transactions of your global mobility program can be a real administrative burden on your HR and finance team. But, with Ineo Financial Solutions—it doesn’t have to be!

Let our experts handle your transferees, expats, and supplier partner payments in remote locations and foreign currencies while your HR and finance teams focus on their day-to-day, mission-critical tasks. We will ensure that all financial transactions are within approved company policy, have the proper tax coding, are reimbursed timely, and are reported to the appropriate tax jurisdictions.

Unmatched Global Payment Processing Expertise

Ineo is the only company to offer CPA-led, CPA-designed, and CPA-built controls and procedures for global mobility financial transactions. No more worrying about keeping up with complex global expense management and processing requirements.

Timely, Accurate Mobility Expense Management

Have peace of mind that all funds flowing through your program are efficiently managed and auditable. All our services leverage Ineo’s software which easily interfaces with your financial accounting platform, ensuring efficient reimbursement reporting and accuracy.

Unsurpassed Global Mobility Program Compliance

No more concerns about data and processing integrity. When our experts enter your data into our mobility expense processing platform, the accounting knowledge and extensive research that’s already programmed into the platform ensure that all tax compliance requirements are met.

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“I deeply appreciate all that you do for us and for me. You make me look smart. I really appreciate that. You help us meet deadlines in ways that I certainly couldn’t at this point. You give sound guidance to our clients and to me personally.”

– an Ineo Financial Solutions client

All the Global Mobility Financial Solutions You Need

We have all of the services you need to make managing expenses and compensation for your global mobility program stress-free.

A single partner you can trust to manage and ensure compliance within your global mobility expense management requirements. Ineo provides efficient expense management and ensures accurate Human Resource mandates, tax regulations and payroll reporting requirements are in full compliance.

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We unburden payroll and global mobility departments by providing compliant and efficient compensation, tax, and payroll administration while providing your stakeholders with greater visibility of your global program data.

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Whether you are new to the world of global mobility or you’ve been in the business for a while, Ineo is here to assist you.

Contact us to learn how our global mobility expense processing and global compensation solutions can support your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What additional services can Ineo provide other than traditional expense management?

FAR reporting, business expense audit/processing/payments, banking, business traveler expenses, candidate expense reimbursement, credit card processor reconciliations and travel platform reconciliations.

Does Ineo offer bundled and unbundled service packages?

Yes, we have clients that take advantage of our full range of services but also work with others who only engage us for their specific mobility needs.

What types of transfers/assignments does Ineo work on?

We handle domestic moves, international permanent moves, domestic/international long-term and short-term assignments, rotational assignments, and extended business travelers.