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Mobility Partner Management Software

A centralized database of services from your vetted global partners at your fingertips.

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About Our Mobility Supplier Partner Management Software Functionality

The right supplier partners can make or break the success of a transfer or assignment. However, managing and reconciling all of your partner data on a global scale can be complicated. Fortunately, Ineo offers a better and more efficient way to manage supplier partner relations for your mobility program.

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Ineo’s mobility supplier partner management solution allows procurement teams to maintain their own networks and create a database of top-performing suppliers for locations across the globe.

The platform empowers corporate counselors or RMCs to better choose and match service providers to mobile employees by referencing a pre-vetted list of supplier partners–from mortgage companies and brokers to appraisers, tax preparers, and more. Users can audit partners and view contract terms, service ratings, notes from past services, and more to select the best supplier partners for each employee.

All Your Trusted Global Partner Services In One Place

Compiling all the right supplier partners for your mobile employees doesn’t have to be a challenge. Ineo’s software allows you to store all of your global partner network data in a single platform. Counselors can search for supplier partners by region, country, zip code, rating, service offerings, and more and can access data on historic supplier costs, discounts, and contract terms to improve budgeting.

Integrated Survey Tools to Assess Partners & Employee Satisfaction

To ensure your database includes reliable supplier partners, it’s important to review the performance of these service providers regularly. Ineo’s platform allows you to create custom automated surveys to assess any aspect of the mobility process, from counselor or supplier partner performance to transferee satisfaction. You can also track notes and communications, making it easier to understand the background behind survey responses.

The Oversight You Need to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

When employees move across the globe, thousands of different service providers exist that can support them through the moving process. However, some of these suppliers may leave employees dissatisfied, delay transfers, and increase the cost of the move. Ineo’s platform allows you to track each move and the services being completed in real time to ensure everything stays on track for your employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Could Ineo integrate global partner management software with our accounting and/or payroll systems?

Yes, Ineo can custom program an integration with most accounting and payroll systems. Ineo will work closely with you and your IT department to map the project and ensure a successful integration.

Can Ineo’s mobility supplier partner management platform survey our transferees/assignees to rate supplier satisfaction?

Yes, Ineo’s Survey tool can be used to survey your transferees/assignees as they move through their permanent move or assignment process. We designed this tool to enable your company to automatically conduct surveys when employees achieve different milestones in the moving process, such as an intermediate and final relocation survey. For example, a survey can be sent out once the household goods have been received. You can personalize the surveys by merging key data such as Supplier Company Name, Assignees Name, and more into the survey questions. This data will live in your system and parallel with reporting capabilities.

Can Ineo’s mobility partner management software help me assess a supplier’s performance?

Yes. In Ineo’s platform, suppliers contain a rating field that can be used in selecting suppliers based on their performance. A dashboard and survey reporting functionality can be used to help your company monitor the ratings and keep the ranking updated.