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The Make or Break of Relocation: An Inside Scoop from Ineo Employees

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At Ineo, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have everything they need to provide their employees with a successful relocation or assignment experience. Our team members are not only experts on Global Mobility but also have first-hand experience with the ins and outs of relocation and its challenges. Our experiences make us passionate about creating Global Mobility tools and both tax and financial services that ensure no employee feels unsupported during a move so that companies can do their jobs without the administrative burden of running a Global Mobility program. In this article, you’ll get the chance to hear from Ineo employees who have been part of a job relocation or assignment and their expert and personal takes on what could make or break the experience!

The Fact of the Matter: Relocating is Stressful on Employees

Whether it’s for a new role or a promotion, employee relocation is inevitable for many businesses. While it can be an exciting opportunity, the process of moving can also be one of the biggest stressors in life, impacting employee happiness and success. This is where dedicated Global Mobility programs come in. By building a program that both supports and values employees through every aspect of the move (don’t forget repatriation) while allowing employers to complete the necessary administrative tasks, a positive ROI can be harvested.

One of the best ways to achieve a successful relocation is to provide employees with full support and assistance throughout the process, from ensuring timely delivery on household goods to assisting in finding temporary or permanent living arrangements. It’s all in the details. Michael Gatto, a Global Mobility Manager at Ineo, was relocated from New Jersey to Basel, Switzerland, and shares the ups and downs of his assignment. As Michael explains in his interview, “I did not receive a lump sum allowance, meaning I had to negotiate for everything … this aspect of the relocation was terrible. Although I was given temporary living at the beginning, which was helpful, I had to find permanent housing on my own.” Michael notes that he wishes his employer would have been more hands-on in his relocation.

Negotiating financial allowances and finding housing in a foreign country is just the tip of the stress iceberg when relocating. Add trying to navigate different customs and languages, and the result can be a huge mess. This is why a successful Global Mobility program should cover every aspect of the move, including housing, expense reimbursement, home finding and selling options, cultural training, and more in order to provide the employee with a sense of security and comfort.

The Solution: Global Mobility Software and Tools

Another essential factor in ensuring a successful move is the use of Global Mobility software, such as The Ineo Platform, as Tom Bruhn, VP of Customer Success at Ineo, shares in his interview: “All of my relocations (three in total) were managed using a Global Mobility platform; all were positive.” Technology can play an essential role in making the moving experience positive by ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. Tom also states that the program choices his employers made played a huge role in how he felt about his experience, “For all moves, I received a Miscellaneous Allowance in addition to coverage for Home Finding, Temporary Living, Final Move, and Household Goods Transportation expenses. I was extremely grateful that I had direct access to all the programs’ preferred carriers on all three moves.”

Knowing that this is a lot to manage and organize, employers can find ease when investing in Global Mobility software to help manage the documentation, financials, and bureaucracy needed for any relocation.

Don’t Forget Employees Emotional Needs

Alongside providing practical support, employers must also assist employees in managing their emotional needs, such as dealing with the stress of relocating and cultural adjustment, trailing spouse and family needs, and important considerations like DEI initiatives. As Michael explains in his interview: “At the time of my relocation to Switzerland, I was married and had two children – the whole family accompanied me. My wife loved the experience. However, my daughter HATED the assignment experience, which made our lives very difficult. In the end, we returned to the U.S. because of this dissatisfaction.”

Creating a Global Mobility program that offers employee support can improve employee lives, increasing job satisfaction and reducing employee turnover. Employees who feel supported by their company during relocation are likely to feel appreciated, valued, and more engaged in their work.

A Positive ROI Starts with Your Global Mobility Program Management

When it comes to ROI for companies, a successful Global Mobility program can save costs in the long run. Employees who are unhappy or stressed out when relocating can have lower productivity and increase absenteeism, ultimately damaging the company and creating a negative return on investment on the relocated employee. However, by implementing a Global Mobility management software, companies can ensure that their employees feel valued and supported while effectively managing the administrative and logistical end of things, leading to positive results.

The Takeaways

By building a successful Global Mobility program, employers can ensure that their employees feel supported before, during, and after their relocation, leading to better ROI for the company. Despite the hardships faced and stresses put on them, the takeaways from relocated employees are a tell-all on how impactful a Global Mobility program can be when done correctly:

“I cherish my relocation experience – I got to see business aspects from a non-U.S. point of view, I worked with many international colleagues, and it was on my assignment where I really started to grow in my career. Personally, I traveled often and got to visit locations I probably would not have seen otherwise” – Michael Gatto, Global Mobility Manager at Ineo.

“In all three moves, I realized significant career growth and expansion of my subject matter expertise!” – Tom Bruhn, VP of Customer Success at Ineo.

“My time relocating overseas definitely benefited me professionally and personally. Professionally, I was able to broaden my development through new experiences. Personally, I was able to travel often and experience a vast number of different cultures” – Jonaca Blaize, Mobility Software Business Analyst at Ineo.

It’s worth investing time and resources to create a dedicated Global Mobility program. With Ineo, the power to manage a global workforce, reduce risk, and ensure compliance is at your fingertips! Click to book a demo or to learn more today.


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