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Ineo Opens Office in Reading, UK

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Ineo LLC, the leading provider of global mobility assignment management software, global mobility financial services, and global mobility tax consulting and preparation announces the opening of an office in Reading, UK. This expansion positions Ineo to better support the global mobility programs of corporations and relocation management companies headquartered in EMEA.

“The decision to expand into Europe is a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said David Santora, CEO, Ineo. “For years, our assignment management software has been used by global mobility professionals to manage their workforce relocating around the world. Our office in Reading, U.K. will help us support these global assignments more efficiently.”

Reading is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of the UK” with companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and HP, Inc located in the area. Being in proximity to such internationally recognized brands promotes innovation and opportunity for the entire Ineo team and client base. Ineo strives to provide world-class support and resources to their global clients and by opening an office near many corporations’ global headquarters, they can expand their service offerings and better meet each of their clients’ needs.

“Thanks to our presence in Reading, U.K, Ineo is better positioned to support our unique combination of global mobility assignment management software, financial services, and mobility tax services for corporates and relocation management companies throughout EMEA region,” said Damon Ward, SVP, Business Development, EMEA for Ineo.

As a leading player in the global mobility management industry, Ineo’s goal is to empower managers of global mobility programs to offer outstanding service to its workforce on the move, while reducing risk and ensuring compliance. As the world adapts to a new concept of work and mobility, Ineo stays at the forefront of global innovation to keep up with these changing trends and the global employee. Some of the world’s leading corporations and major relocation management companies rely on Ineo assignment management software and mobility services to support their customers. Ineo’s systems have processed over 600,000 employee assignments.

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