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Worldwide ERC Recognize’s David S. Oltman with award and SCRP status

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Worldwide ERC recognizes Ineo’s Chief Compliance Officer, David Oltman, with a Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the mobility industry. By earning this award, he has also achieved the Senior Certified Relocation Professional (SCRP) status.

By earning Worldwide ERC’s Distinguished Service award, David is recognized for demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of U.S. employee relocation across all facets of the industry and devoting his time and expertise for the betterment of the industry. The Senior Certified Relocation Professional is a highly regarded competency-based designation for all mobility professionals engaged in corporate/employee mobility within the United States.

Through his experience and knowledge of working on both the corporate, and vendor side of the relocation industry, David has become one of the industry’s foremost tax resources and has brought his expertise to the Ineo family of services. This expertise has been widely recognized in the mobility industry through his annual Tax, Legal & Payroll webinars, client seminars, and industry speaking engagements.

David is also a member of The International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans and Worldwide ERC, and co-founder of the Relocation Council of New York City. David has been quoted in many publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine. David is also a WERC Meritorious Service Award winner.

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