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Financial Solutions

Ineo Financial Solutions is the strategic partner of choice for companies seeking comprehensive, professional, and seamless back-office services for their mobility programs. We provide industry-leading expertise in global mobility expense management, policy audit, payment processing, payroll reporting/instructions, and compensation administration. Each of our financial solutions integrates with and leverages Ineo’s global mobility software which, in turn, easily interfaces with your financial accounting platform.

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Be confident.

Ineo is the only global mobility company that is driven on CPA-led, CPA-designed, and CPA-built controls and procedures. What does this mean for you? Confidence. Confidence that your program is accurate, streamlined, reliable, compliant, and hassle-free. Confidence that all your stakeholders – from transferees to the C-suite – will always feel heard, cared for, and well-served.

Free up your time.

You need the money to go exactly where it needs to go, and you need it to get there without a hitch. Harnessing the power of MoveTrack — Ineo’s celebrated mobility software — Ineo Financial Solutions ensures the timely and accurate processing of expense management, global compensation, and closing services. By taking the reins of your financial processes we can manage your tax and compliance issues, eliminate process redundancy, and greatly minimize the burden on your internal resources. In short, we save you time and money by turning a challenging and detailed subject into a simple matter of online oversight. And you can get back to doing whatever you do best.

Ensure your compliance.

All of Ineo’s financial solutions were designed to ensure tax and policy compliance. No more worrying about data integrity, holes in your program, financial controls, or processing integrity. It’s that simple.

Love your well-oiled machine.

We know you need timely turnaround on reporting and file status. We’re certain your mobile workforce wants us to ensure speedy expense reimbursement. We’re pretty sure you’d rather your phone rang less and that your daily voicemails and emails shrank down to a small handful. And we’re confident you’d enjoy developing a one-to-one, highly personalized relationship with one of our subject matter experts. So go spend your energy where you’re needed — while we make sure your financial processing runs like a well-oiled machine.

Don’t learn lessons the hard way.

Why is Ineo the mobility industry’s most trusted knowledge source? Because we have deep subject matter expertise in both tax and technology — and an equally deep desire to share this knowledge with our clients. Because we work across a broad client landscape. Because our rare and special vantage point lets us apply our collective experiences to each new and unique engagement. And what does this mean for you? It means avoiding pitfalls, escaping common mistakes, and safely navigating domains and disciplines that may be new to you. Our knowledge becomes your knowledge.

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