Global Mobility Compensation Services

Highly customized outsourced compensation, tax and payroll administration services.

Whether you need compensation accumulation and collection services or payroll instruction services, our highly configurable approach delivers the program you want.

Global Compensation operates on TechSuite, Ineo’s state-of-the-art global mobility software. You gain complete visibility to your global program data so you can ensure your stakeholders of unsurpassed program compliance. No more worrying about data integrity, holes in your program, financial controls, or processing consistency. It’s just that simple.

Global Mobility Compensation Services

Balance Sheet & Payroll Instruction Services

Prepare draft and activation balance sheets reflecting policy parameters and detail as contained in letter of assignment. Coordination with global payrolls for on-time payroll instructions and reconciliation.

  • Draft balance sheet if required to support letter of assignment
  • Initial balance sheet and activation to home and/or host payroll(s)
  • Ongoing maintenance of data points including hypothetical tax, data subscriptions, and exchange rates
  • Payroll reconciliation to ensure accurate enactment of payroll instructions and capture of outlying pay­roll items such as retirement contributions, employer contributions, meal plans, etc.
  • Support for required reporting

Certificates of Coverage

Completion of online US Outbound applications as well as full tracking of status and expiry dates for all global applications.

  • Make and track US outbound applications, including extensions if required
  • Coordinate with client and/or client tax partner to receive status on global applications for accurate tracking

Compensation Accumulation/Collection

Ongoing expense and compensation accumulation from all sources within the assignment payment life cycle. Preparation of system generated global statement of earnings to support periodic and annual tax review and submission.

  • Gather and track payroll and non-payroll expenses paid in home and host locations
  • Maintenance of global contact list and collection schedules and reporting deliverable dates
  • Preparation and secure share of all expense information to client’s global payrolls or tax partner for inclusion in company prepared payroll filings
  • Support client’s tax provider for annual US estimate inclusion in payroll
  • Preparation and secure share of home and/or host country global compensation summaries

Cost Estimation/Budget Calculations & Ongoing Administration

Self-service or full preparation of global assignment, international permanent transfer, domestic and short term domestic cost estimates. Reflect total cost of all policy benefits including tax estimation(s) as applicable at home and host/destination locations.

  • Configure client specific cost estimates policies, reflecting naming convention and parameters for each benefit type
  • Partner to source data to automate benefit calculations to assist in easing administrative time to prepare for end user
  • Support actual preparation of cost estimate upon authorization from client
  • Automated capabilities for budget to actual reporting

Tax Equalization Payment & Support

Coordination of payment and tax equalization process through support of tracking and disbursement of funds as required.

  • Work with client tax partner for any required payments
  • Record any payments required back to the client
  • Track all transactions in system for inclusion in management and payroll reporting as appropriate
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