2023 Mobility Tax Advisor

For Tax Year 2022

Ineo’s Mobility Tax Advisor publication is the premier resource to understand the tax complexities associated with global mobility.

The most recent and significant tax changes in the mobility industry have become law. All the significant COVID-19 changes that have direct effects on transferees and assignees are included in our new publication. Plus many states still allow moving expense deductions and exclusions.  Mobility professionals will need to plan and budget accordingly and transferees and assignees will need to be educated.

Our publication includes the new 2022 and proposed 2023 tax laws that have an impact on your global mobility population (Transferees, Assignees, Extended Business Travelers and Commuters) and the mobility professionals who support these individuals. Purchasers of the book have access to Ineo’s mobility tax experts who will answer tax questions within a few hours.

Our tax book helps employees leverage and plan for the significant tax implications and compliance issues associated with their move or assignment, making this a key part of their mobility package.

Some features and benefits include:

  • New: Child Tax Credits Phase-Outs – Will significantly affect over 50% of most transferees and assignees
  • New: Payroll withholding issues – taxable mobility expenses are typically withheld at the 22% federal supplemental rate and applicable state rate versus the employee’s actual marginal tax bracket which typically causes a very significant year-end tax withholding shortfall for most all transferees/assignees.
  • COVID-19 Virtual presence vs. actual presence test – Mobility Tax Impacts
  • A Component of Talent Management and enhancing the employee experience.
  • Provides Tools needed to stay compliant
  • W-2c “Insurance”
  • Maximize Moving Expense deductions
  • Helps in decision making process to buy or rent in the new location
  • Helps decide to live in one state and /or locality vs. another
  • New: Explains the implications of the non-conforming states so your employees can maximize their 2022 moving expense tax deductions
  • New: The new 2022 W-2 compliance filing requirements
  • A brand new example of the 2022 Relocation Tax Report and 1040 filing requirements
  • In depth explanation of new child tax credits and how it might impact a transferee’s refund
  • How to provide “with and without” move tax gross-up analysis for transferees using the new, lower, supplemental tax rate
  • New: How the new State and Local Tax (SALT) limitations affects your transferees and assignees ability to deduct their state and local gross-ups
  • New: Extended Business Travelers and Short Term Assignments, helps manage and provides detailed guidance, helps both the employee and company stay compliant.
  • New: All new Canadian tax updates have been made regarding non-Canadian citizens not being able to purchase homes in Canada effective 1/1/23
  • And more…


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