Pre-Move Relocation Tax Consulting

Understand how tax laws will impact relocating employees. Mitigate financial risk when you, and your employee, make informed tax decisions early in the process.

Relocation taxes are complex, yet relocation tax liability is often considered by companies to be the exclusive concern of the individual. Often overlooked because payment of taxes is a downstream event, offering employees a pre-move tax consult as a benefit is critical to talent retention. Employees will be able to make important financial decisions with confidence and peace of mind while the company’s talent management objectives are met.

Ineo’s Pre-Move Relocation Tax Consulting service offers a low cost benefit with a very real payback to the corporation:

  • Increases employee satisfaction with the move experience
  • Removes the burden on internal payroll and HR departments to address tax compliance questions, and reduces after-the fact payroll issues
  • Manages employee expectations with regards to future tax obligations and the gross-up/tax assistance your policy provides
  • Enables employees to focus on their work instead of being distracted and upset with potentially large financial surprises during tax season
  • Relieves the corporation from dealing with employee tax compliance problems
  • Minimizes the number of employees returning to talent management requesting additional funds to cover tax burden


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