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Four Signs It’s Time to Implement Global Mobility Software

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Don’t ignore these major indicators that you need to transition from contracted resources to in-house mobility software.

Companies can vary widely in their approach to managing the mobility process. Sending key employees to domestic and international assignments involves many moving parts, not the least of which includes overseeing an employee’s professional and personal experience from several angles.

However, what’s not in question is that many companies eventually reach a tipping point in which it starts to make more sense to invest in global mobility software and bring the process in-house versus outsourcing to one or more providers.

We’ve put together some pointers to keep in mind as your company considers transitioning from contracted resources to implementing an internal global mobility software solution

Here are four signs it’s time for your mobility program to implement global mobility software:

Your mobility program is experiencing growth

How many employees are you sending to new locations on short-term assignments or longer-term transfers? Do you see that number growing over time as your company resumes a more ‘normal’ operational posture post-pandemic?

Many companies are bringing employees back to the office. A recent poll suggests that as many as 50% of company leaders want their employees back in the office. This shift will lead to changes to remote work policies, a phenomenon dubbed “The Great Return.” It’s also possible that the new direction will extend to send employees to new office postings stateside and abroad.

Many multinational companies may see a sudden spike in assignments and transfers, which will likely strain the existing resources dedicated to managing relocations. At this point, companies may start running the ROI calculations related to investing in a complete global mobility software solution. 

The cost of outsourcing is higher than global mobility software

Another strong indicator that your company may be ready to deploy its global mobility software is the cost of providers you currently pay to support your company’s mobility program. That number is likely to vary by company but paying attention to your spending is key to pulling the trigger on global mobility software. 

Keeping a close eye on those expenses – vendor management, compensation management, cost estimations, and more – will tell you when your total outsourcing spend is reaching a point where acquiring software and bringing the process in-house makes financial sense.  

Your employee experience is suffering

Believe it or not, a decision to adopt global mobility software can hinge on the assignee and transferee experience. Why? Because you can’t take the humanity out of the employee relocation process. Many assignees have families, own homes, have unique financial and tax considerations, and will face some stressors in their relocation. 

In other words, a lot has to ‘go right’ with relocating an employee, and sometimes the overall employee experience is enhanced when their colleagues personally handle the process. 

Relying on disparate resources to manage your mobility program can also cause an assignee undue stress, as critical pieces of their assignment may get lost in the fray. Access to information becomes significantly easier when an assignment can be managed with a single, centralized database. 

Your mobility program requires greater functionality

One of the most significant reasons behind many companies’ decisions to purchase global mobility software is the sheer breadth and depth of functionality offered by full-fledged software deployment. 

Most companies eventually tire of reliance on large, clunky spreadsheets, painful data collection, time-consuming report gathering, and juggling multiple outsourced vendors. Eventually, a implementing centralized mobility software solution becomes the apparent answer to streamlining processes and effective time management.

A global mobility software solution over 20 years in the making

Inspired by the mobility needs of some of the largest corporations on the planet, Ineo’s TechSuite global mobility software includes wide-ranging functionality that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise to give companies complete command over their global mobility program.

Contact us to learn more about how Ineo can help you build a better mobility program today.

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