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Improve Your International Management with Ineo’s Global Mobility Technology

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More than ever, the need for high-quality global mobility technology is a necessity for international organizations, payroll departments, HR teams, relocation management companies, compensation specialists, and any other role that falls under the mobility umbrella. Assignments and transfers are steadily increasing in complexity and quantity, as more employees seek  diverse work opportunities. On top of the always complex tax and financial regulations, add in complex issues such as international housing prohibitions.  It’s easy to understand why talent mobility has accelerated the need for efficient and seamless mobility technology that’s capable of handling the multiplex requirements of mobility management. Don’t fret, Ineo has the tools to help manage your mobility program and answer your complex questions!

At Ineo, we build and customize  mobility technology that benefits the entire organization,and its assignees/transferees. We’ve designed The Ineo Platform to meet the needs of decentralized international teams, allowing the mobility specialist to effectively and efficiently collaborate, assess compliance issues for the assignee/transferee, exchange data, and create a successful employee experience that can deliver a positive ROI on a global scale (which helps international employees succeed while working and living abroad). From cost estimation calculators to global compensation management and employee expense tracking, The Ineo Platform, tax, and financial services can help advance your organization’s effectiveness and reduce common errors. Read on to learn how our global mobility technology can improve your experience with domestic or international employee management. 

Customized Employee Experience:

One of the most important benefits of Ineo’s global mobility software is the ability to customize our six key functionalities to the needs of your employees and stakeholders. Managing and coordinating assignees/transferees and their families, external vendors, and numerous data and reporting needsare important liabilities that can be time-consuming and cumbersome, lending way to errors and disgruntled employees. Our platform is designed to help anyone who touches a global mobility program and their teams improve employee experiences and retention by creating authentic, personalized experiences based on their needs. 

Whether it’s support for professional development, an international relocation, or an HR request, employee experience and interaction with your organization can impact your bottom line. Our global mobility software and platform tools support the employee journey with seamless interactions and 24/7 access to data they need, all in one integrated platform. By using mobility technology to streamline complicated processes, communicate with assignees, and prioritize assignee experience, your organization can ultimately boost morale, engagement, and lead to increased productivity and profitability. Likewise, employees are also more likely to recommend your company to others when their workplace interactions and experiences are personalized and positive. 

Improved Assignment Management:

Expatriating (and repatriating) employees is a complex process that varies from one organization to the next. As mobility technology grows in popularity and use, now is the time to switch from labor-intensive manual processes to smooth, digitized software. Our assignment management software brings key features to your fingertips to lessen the assignment workload of your HR, Payroll, Global Mobility and Talent Management teams. 

For example, our system-generated stakeholder communications functionality helps HR managers save time by using pre-formatted templates to send personalized communications to assignees/transferees. Without starting from scratch, managers save time and ensure accuracy and timeliness in communications. Likewise, by placing all of the assignment/transfer data in a centralized data repository for instant access,  The Ineo Platform helps HR managers say farewell to the old days of searching through spreadsheets and disparate systems. The benefits of our assignment management extend to creating and tracking the assignees along their journey, ultimately helping you manage the ins and outs of assignment management strategically and systematically. 

Advanced Transferee and Assignment Cost Tracking: 

Without the right solutions in hand, anticipating costs, tax obligation risks, and forecasting the ROI of transfers/assignments can be a challenge. When solely relying on rough calculations and estimates that don’t include tax or actual expenditures, the perceived value of assignments is often higher than the direct costs.

Ineo’s mobility transferee and assignment cost management functionality provides detailed cost projections that can enhance your organization’s decision-making, provide accurate ROI forecasting and allow you to produce policy-driven cost estimates with accurate international tax calculations, all within minutes. Users can estimate costs from and between over 100 countries and rest assured that the data is accurate. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver more automation, have more control, and have access to better insight while decreasing costs and saving time. Our assignment cost-tracking software can help you remain cost-efficient while ensuring you have the right tools and resources to quantify the long-term value of assignments. 


We know that global mobility management can occasionally be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the right tools and resources. With that in mind, we’ve created an integrated suite of tools that helps you save time, streamline global mobility management, and enhance the experience of your mobile employees. Schedule a demo today to learn how your organization can leverage the power of our robust and integrated global mobility system.

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