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Q&A with Brian Vitello, CPA, COO of Financial Solutions at Ineo 

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Brian Vitello provides insight into the global mobility industry’s unique challenges, finding satisfaction in client success, and the secret to developing lasting customer relationships.

The best way to gain insight into any industry is to ask an industry expert. With two decades of global mobility experience under his belt, Brain Vitello is one of those industry experts. As our Chief Operating Officer, Brian was integral in shaping Ineo as it exists today. He continues his involvement by offering his expertise and dedication to our clients and fellow team members.

About Brian Vitello 

A 20 year veteran of the global mobility industry, Brian Vitello founded ExpensePro, LLC – now Ineo Global Mobility Financial Solutions – in 2003 as part of the Ineo LLC family. His vision was to create an industry-leading global mobility financial management and tax processing solution. 

Utilizing his extensive payroll and tax experience, Brian leads the Financial Solutions team in assisting Ineo clients in developing and maintaining high-quality global mobility expense administration services. These services include global financial services, payroll, and international payment services and administration.

Previously, Brian worked as a tax consultant in relocation software for Relocation Management Systems (RMS) and The Hessel Group (THG). While with RMS and THG, he supported Fortune 500 companies and global mobility services providers, performing software and relocation tax training, payroll, consulting, and compliance audits.

Brian is a member of the Employee Relocation Council (ERC), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants (CSCPA). He holds a BS in Public Accounting and an MS in Taxation. 

In addition to taking great pleasure in helping Ineo clients achieve their mobility program goals, Brian enjoys skiing, reading, traveling, and spending time with his family. He particularly enjoys playing sports with his son.


Q&A with Brian Vitello

How long have you been working in the mobility industry? When did you join Ineo? 

I started in the industry in 1995, so 26 years. I joined as a partner at Ineo beginning in 2003.  

What are poised to be the most significant challenges Ineo clients will be facing in 2022, and how will the company help address them?

The next big hurdle for the entire world, especially for the relocation industry, is intermittent closed borders because of the pandemic. 

What do you think is the key to developing long-term customer relationships?

Technology; that’s really the frontier. We’re a technology company with services as our tools to help clients. 

What is a common misconception clients have about the mobility industry?

A big misconception is the cost to move someone is just about the move. One of the analyses companies will do is attrition on their population to figure out what it really costs to move someone. For example, if a company moves 100 people from Los Angeles to Denver, and they each cost $10,000 to move, that’s $1 million total. But that’s likely not the actual cost of the move. 

There are quite a few metrics, and considerations to factor in: How much efficiency did you lose? How many of those people had to work remotely? How much efficiency did you lose with them working remotely? How does that impact your bottom line? Did you lose any people in the process? How much will it cost to replace them?

What does a typical day look like for you?

For me, a typical day involves handling anywhere from 200-500 emails involving international wires and funds, invoicing, payroll, and consulting with clients. 

But a typical day for any Ineo department involves servicing the client and meeting deliverables. For the Financial Services team, we’re like an accounting department, a payroll department, an HR department, and a banking department combined into one, and we have to meet deliverables every day. 

What do you consider the most important value you provide in how Ineo serves its clients?

For my team, in particular, we’re pretty objective. When we work with clients, we become more like partners versus vendors. We become internal leverage for the clients, but we are also objective consultants because of our experience with other clients. So we bring a lot to the table that you may not be able to hire internally. 

We are experts in the software and experts in the process. We’re on-hands consultative, meaning we do a little less consulting a little bit more on-hands work, which is a good combination. 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

The thing I do most outside of work is reading. I always tell my son, “If you want to be smart, don’t use your eyes to watch; use your eyes to read”. 

Our most valuable asset is our employees

At Ineo, we recognize the importance of Brian’s comprehensive knowledge and appreciate the benefit his industry savvy provides to our clients. We believe all of our employees’ expertise is a key factor in making our global mobility solutions exceptional. Contact us today to learn how our team of experts can help support your global mobility program.

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