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The Value of Reliable Global Mobility Software Environments

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The Value of Reliable Global Mobility Software Environments

When looking for the perfect software solution for your mobility program, there are many factors to consider — including software environment. But what exactly is a global mobility software environment and what makes it so important?


For anyone who is not a software architect, the concept of software “environment” may understandably seem abstract. Much like cloud computing, the term might produce whimsical associations of technology interweaving with our natural world. In actuality, software environment strays more to the technologically constructive than the fanciful.

To familiarize you, a software environment is defined as:

“[…] a computer system […] in which a computer program or software component is deployed and executed.” (Deployment Environment, nd)

Though less whimsical by definition, a software environment is a fundamental component of creating all software — including Ineo’s TechSuite global mobility software.

The three tiers of software environment, simplified:

The development environment is where software is initially coded and engineered. This environment is a system that exists on a software architect’s computer.

After its fundamental development, the software will then migrate to a staging environment, where it’s tested and polished. This environment exists on a server, not a physical computer.

Once the software is deemed client-ready, it then gets promoted to the production environment, where it’s ready to be utilized. As a user, you will only interact with our global mobility software on the server-based production environment, which is where the software operates.

All tiers are equally important, but not all tiers are created equally

When developing global mobility software, all tiers of the software environment should be holistically regarded, as each environment contributes to the effectiveness of the product and quality of the user experience. A first-rate global mobility software solution requires developers to utilize the same level of attentive detail across all three environments.

What should be considered when assessing a global mobility program’s software environment?


Is my data safe?

Arguably the most valuable asset a company owns is its data, which makes data security a critical consideration in all aspects of software environments. Data security is especially crucial in global mobility software environments, as stored employee data includes significant personal and financial information.

Impenetrable software is dependent on security-minded developers, who consider data protection throughout the mobility software’s progress through the environments. Developers implement encryption and multi-level authentication methods to keep coveted customer data out of the hands of would-be hackers.

When considering a global mobility software solution, ask the provider to explain the security measures their development team takes throughout the lifecycle of their software.

Is my data backed up?

In addition to protecting client information from malicious attacks, a software environment should safeguard data from being partially or completely lost. We’re all familiar with the heartache of losing photos to an errant iCloud backup — think about multiplying that heartache to the scale of your global mobility program!

Data integrity and preservation is a mandatory consideration in the software environment. If the environment isn’t structured to correctly support the software, there’s an opportunity for data corruption, accidental overwrites, or annoying data redundancies.

Will my data integrate? 

The best designed global mobility software is all but worthless if the production environment won’t allow the software to integrate with your company’s systems and applications. The software environment should accommodate and communicate any shared databases between your company’s data sources and the global mobility software. A functional data integration ecosystem will streamline operational efficiency and information organization, saving you valuable time and resources.

The Ineo Environment for Global Mobility Software Solutions

Because of our personalized approach, our services are better maintained than many larger companies, where clients can become lost in the fray.

Save time, money, and office space 

Ineo provides secure cloud-based software hosting and server management, ensuring guaranteed server uptime and project expandability. Utilizing Ineo’s cloud-based computing model means clients save money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing and maintaining expensive on-site IT equipment.

Your data is safe with us

To ensure complete server security, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is now offered to Ineo-hosted clients. After registering a device with our 2FA provider, our clients receive an SMS which prompts them to verify their identity before they’re allowed access to the system.

All Ineo employees with access to the servers must also register a device with our 2FA provider and follow a similar security protocol. These measures ensure your data is protected at all stages of employee involvement.

An individualized approach to data and software integration

We offer bespoke software and API integrations and can create custom interfaces that incorporate your company’s existing applications, meaning your productivity can continue without a hitch. The level of integration is determined by each client’s individual needs and requests.

We connect with existing client databases and accommodate custom data integrations. Your data is localized on Ineo’s safeguarded servers, making it easier to aggregate and organize. Because of the international scope of global mobility programs, our data storage methods prioritize GDPR compliance.

A software environment that promotes your program’s goals

Ready to learn more about how your global mobility program can benefit from a comprehensive, integrative software solution? Contact us to discover how Ineo can advance your global mobility program’s initiatives today.

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