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Vendor & Partner Management Software: the Secret to Service Success

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Managing supplier partners can be an unwieldy task for even the most capable mobility professionals without suitable software solutions.

Any mobility counselor understands that the makings of a successful global mobility program require a considerable amount of juggling. Mobility counselors often handle a dizzying repertoire of responsibilities — from organizing assignments, ensuring that assignees obtain the correct immigration documents, assisting with housing arrangements, and countless administrative tasks. Many businesses with distributed workforces understandably turn to service providers for outside assistance in mobility program operations to alleviate employee burdens and reclaim valuable employee time (and their mobility counselors’ sanity). 

You may recognize the transition toward outsourced service partnerships as a developing trend in your mobility program. According to research conducted by SAP Fieldglass, 65% of organizations report that they utilize external labor for essential business operations and 91% anticipate their use of outsourced services to grow over the following three years. 

Vendor and service partnerships have definite perks and can improve many elements of your mobility program, such as employee relocation experience, data management and reporting, and cost-effectiveness. However, mobility counselors may find that managing a multitude of outsourced providers can sometimes be an overwhelming administrative and managerial process in itself.

Luckily, Vendor and Partner Management platforms solve the common issue of how to organize, engage, and supervise outsourced mobility service providers. But it’s important to note that not all global mobility Vendor and Partner Management solutions are created equally!

Improving your Vendor and Partner Management methods with mobility software solutions

Offering a robust network of partners to provide support and services to mobile workforces is how many mobility programs ensure their success. However, when assignees and partners are spread across different geographies, there is an increased possibility of miscommunication, inefficiency, and reduced transparency. 

With Vendor and Partner Management software, a mobility program can take a more systematic approach to managing third-party service providers. As a result, a Vendor and Partner Management platform makes it simple for organizations with dispersed workforces to achieve provider visibility, enhance service efficiency and quality, and enforce compliance. Here are three must-have features your mobility program needs to look for in a Vendor and Partner Management software solution. 

Centralized data repositories and organized analysis

Self-administered partner and vendor data management and reconciliation can be unnecessarily complex and susceptible to user errors. Fortunately, Vendor and Partner Management software can help your program localize disparate data and automate and modernize time-consuming and outdated manual data organization processes. Vendor and Partner Management systems provide straightforward access to an organization’s entire outsourced services program to measure successes, make required adjustments, and facilitate better decision-making. Utilizing a Vendor and Partner Management software platform allows businesses with distributed workforces to make faster, data-based mobility management decisions with fewer errors.

Quick and comprehensive reporting capabilities

A successful Vendor and Partner Management platform allows mobility programs to accurately assess cost, compliance, and quality by generating detailed, data-driven reports. The ability to swiftly create accessible reports will provide your mobility program with the information necessary to make informed decisions and strategic improvements that benefit your mobility program and dispersed workforce.

Vendor collaboration and employee engagement portals

Securely and efficiently communicating with your mobility program’s vendors and assignees should be an uncomplicated process for everyone involved. A successful Vendor and Partner Management solution should offer a portal that you and your service providers can access to reply to queries, share necessary documents, and collaborate throughout mobility assignments. When your assignees need to request a new vendor service or modify an existing service, your Vendor and Partner Management system should be the place they turn to for requests. Like the vendor portal, your staff should be able to smoothly submit service requests, in turn initiating automated workflows that continuously support their assignment and success.

The Ineo Approach to Vendor and Partner Management

We’ve designed our all-inclusive TechSuite global mobility Vendor and Partner Management software with over two decades of industry expertise in mind to eliminate the difficulties many mobility programs encounter when managing outsourced service providers.

Ineo TechSuite allows your mobility program to oversee vendor and partner management by delivering centralized supervision and direction of all of your valued global mobility service providers. In addition, TechSuite’s data integration capabilities enable you to combine all your mobility partners into a singular system, so you can effortlessly store and update data. 

TechSuite also delivers partner survey and authorization capabilities through integrated forms and email functionality. With TechSuite, your global mobility department will have the capacity to track and rate service and critical information for all associated vendors in your program. Your program will also benefit from having complete oversight over transferee and assignee vendor and partner-related requests to ensure they receive what they need when they need it.

Contact our global mobility experts to learn how our TechSuite global mobility software platform can transform how your mobility program handles vendor and partner management. 


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