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How Can You Increase Compliance and Mitigate Risk for Global Mobility Workforces?

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We hear this question every day. Ineo has answers. Our range of global mobility software, tax, and financial solutions help you better manage an ever-expanding global workforce.

Mobility professionals wear lots of hats while handling all aspects of the global mobility process. You need to be experts in just about everything, from tax compliance and assignment management to global compensation collection, tracking, reporting, and so much more. On top of all this you have multiple stakeholders to satisfy — and your busy staff may not be fully equipped to handle increasing programming and IT responsibilities.

Our idea is to help you do your jobs differently — and to do them better, more easily, and more efficiently. We base Ineo’s holistic approach on our proven triad of solutions:

INEO GLOBAL MOBILITY SOFTWARE provides a cloud-based, single-source application for wing-to-wing management of each assignment. Whether short-term or long-term, permanent, domestic, or international, our flexible software solution provides complete program management and policy execution. Working strategically with data that includes but goes far beyond basic employee information, we provide a true 360-degree perspective on your mobile employee population, oversight of your entire program, and peace-of-mind on compliance issues, such as global tax and data privacy.

INEO GLOBAL MOBILITY FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS works seamlessly with our Global Mobility Software to meet your mobility financial processing needs. Think of us as your silent — but strategic — partner, offering expert CPA guidance, time-tested processes and controls, and the highest level of attention to all your program compliance needs. Ineo’s Global Mobility Financial Solutions integrate easily into any financial service delivery model.

INEO GLOBAL MOBILITY TAX SERVICES sets the gold standard for excellence in our industry. Whatever your assignee’s or transferee’s tax needs are — from gross-up audits to complex multi-state and multi-country tax returns — we specialize in taking every tax challenge off your desk…and putting them confidently onto ours.

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