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Automation and Mobility Solutions: Work Smarter, Not Harder

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How can your global mobility program benefit from automation?

Despite the ever-increasing digitization of the workplace, too many mobility programs are stuck in yesteryear regarding their technology. Often, manual tech processes are unnecessarily cumbersome, requiring five steps instead of one consolidated action. Mobility counselors go glassy-eyed when faced with repetition galore, spending countless hours plugging in data by hand. Critical assignment information is lost in manual workflow hiccups, and processes are delayed as they wait for analog input. Surely, there must be a better way.

The solution? Automation.

Automation has the potential to transform your mobility program into a more agile, productive venture. As organizations begin to recognize the many benefits of technology adoption, companies are embracing automation as a strategy to build more efficient, cost-effective mobility programs- and outpace their competitors.

Read on to discover why automation is the key to making your mobility solutions work smarter, not harder.

The benefits of automated global mobility

Embracing modernity requires your mobility program to modify obsolete technology operations and delivery standards. Technology advancements have made it relatively painless to upgrade your mobility program to save time, improve efficiency, and prepare for the future – and there’s no better way to enhance organizational and administrative processes than by automating processes.

Some of the key benefits your global mobility program will experience by adopting automation include the following:

Reduced operational costs

Cost reduction is one of the primary advantages of automation implementation. This reduction is typically the outcome of lowering or eliminating the need for manual or outsourced items, such as:

  • Cost per calculation Cost Estimates
  • Cost per calculation Balance Sheets
  • Cost per document created
  • Manual 3rd party ex-pat payroll services
  • Big 4 accounting firm service fees for gathering and cleaning data

Because automation brings previously outsourced processes in-house with reduced turnaround time, funds can be redistributed to bolster other areas of your global mobility budget, such as assignee support programs and training.

Lowered risk of human error

Another significant advantage of automating your mobility program is minimizing human error. Obsolete administrative methods create opportunities that can lead to data breaches through the accidental sharing of PII between employees, loss of important data due to manual version control, and costly miscalculations caused by preventable blunders such as typos.

According to a report conducted by the market intelligence firm IDC, manual data processing errors set companies back approximately $62.4 million yearly – that’s not exactly pocket change. However, you can save your mobility program from costly mistakes by automating your workflows and data processes.

Automation also ensures that your program avoids critical compliance risks that may slip through the cracks by delivering convenient warnings and reminders.

Simplified and straightforward workflows

Thanks to automation, mobility workflows can be significantly streamlined. Automation integration is also highly customizable. For example: after initially programming your workflow, tasks can be auto-assigned, with the system tracking progress and completion. Automation can prevent employees from missing critical steps in an assignment lifecycle or misplacing essential communications

For example, Ineo’s customizable workflows include benefits such as:

  • Integration with existing HCM/HRIS systems and your relocation management company
  • Automatic initiation and pre-authorization workflows
  • Quick access to detailed reporting and analytics
  • Dashboard views with crucial information about your program
  • Concise, clear lists of mobility tasks
  • Instant calculation of version cost estimates and balance sheets
  • Automatic document and notification to employees

Freeing up human potential

Manual processes make for a dull and repetitive workload for your mobility professionals, lowering job satisfaction and employee experience. It’s estimated employees waste 22 hours per week on simple tasks. However, automation, by nature, runs with minimal intervention. Automated processes liberate employees from monotonous and tedious work that may prevent them from utilizing their talents on more high-value projects.

With automation, mobility professionals are no longer trapped in the endless cycle of copying and pasting information between several siloed systems. They’re free from the entanglement of transferring neverending information between disparate databases or spending countless hours recreating documents to reflect new assignments.

Automation’s capacity for speedy processing is operationally advantageous to mobility programs, as planning and managing assignments can be completed in shorter timeframes. Automation increases efficiency by completing (sometimes in minutes) tasks that historically take employees hours or even weeks – such as the case of time-consuming balance sheets.

The experts in global mobility software system automation

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