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How can Ineo make my mobility program more efficient and compliant without breaking the bank?

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Ineo’s global mobility software, tax services, and financial solutions provide your program office all the tools you need to closely align with multiple stakeholder interests and to realize the highest possible return on investment. Our holistic approach takes the worry out of workflow and the tension out of taxation — and adds back productivity and peace-of-mind. We do all this for every constituency you serve: from handling the demands of assignees and transferees, to meeting the needs of your IT, compliance, finance, and procurement departments. Bottom line: We know what works. We’ve got your back. And when you need us, we’re even here to hold your hand. Here’s how:

INEO GLOBAL MOBILITY SOFTWARE provides a cloud-based, single-source application for wing-to-wing management of each assignment. Whether short-term, long-term, or permanent – whether North American or international – our highly flexible solution provides complete program management and policy execution, and 100 percent visibility of your global program data. We’ve built in workflow efficiencies, data integrity features, and easy-to-create reports — all which have a direct impact on cost reduction. Ineo software lets you accomplish more with fewer resources, and lets you control where your budget gets spent. Instead of focusing on internal processes, you’ll gain the time needed to engage with your employees and their families, ensuring a high-quality mobility experience. To top it off, our self-service tools and mobile app will keep a smile on that assignee’s face. Cherry on top? Our subject matter experts team up to collaborate with you, applying industry best practices to your program and configuring personalized solutions based on your functional needs and budget.

INEO GLOBAL MOBILITY FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS works hand-in-glove with our mobility software. Using Ineo’s MoveTrack™ software as our technology platform, we ensure that your entire mobility team stays in absolute compliance with every detail of your program’s requirements. All Ineo financial solutions reflect our time-tested processes and controls; all are guided by expert CPAs; and all interface easily with a wide range of service delivery models. You can leverage our industry-leading mobility software with Ineo’s expense management, global comp collection, home sale closing, or payroll reporting and instruction services. Whatever options you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefit of our high-tech, head-in-the-clouds wizardry and our feet-on-the-ground, solid financial solutions. Bottom line: payroll pays, accounts receivable receives, vendors vend, employees stop stressing, and every client sector — from corporate or governmental or relocation management company — stays in full compliance. Everyone looks and feels like a winner.

INEO GLOBAL MOBILITY TAX SERVICES take the tax-related stress out of the move process, both for the program office and for the employee. For assignees and transferees, our pre-move tax consulting eliminates confusion by identifying tax compliance risks before a single suitcase is packed. And our tax prep services —delivered by Ineo’s CPAs, all experts in mobility tax laws — help your employees mitigate financial risk, eliminate unwanted surprises, and reduce the possibility of non-compliance when filing federal, state, or local tax returns. For your program office, our tax consulting services reduce the burden of researching tax issues and provide clear answers to complex questions. Tax return preparation, gross- up audits, tax reconciliations, and equalizations all keep you absolutely compliant — and free you so up you can focus on the big picture.

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