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How to Incorporate DEI in Your Global Mobility Program

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Actionable diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are an essential part of building a better mobility program.

The concept of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been a growing theme amongst enterprise organizations worldwide. DEI represents and encourages equal representation and diversity— it allows people of different genders, races, ethnicities, religions, orientations, and more to operate on a level playing field with equal opportunities within the corporate world.

Educating employees on equality and diversity can have a positive impact in helping to create a diverse and equitable mobility program. Providing underrepresented employees with equal footing can give them a voice that can be heard organization-wide. The end result is a more cohesive and collaborative environment from which all employees can thrive and aspire to success.

Creating a foundation built around a diverse and equitable workforce can help to improve your mobility program’s values significantly. Employee retention, performance, and capability will be greatly enhanced when colleagues understand the core principles of equality and diversity. However, it can be challenging to synthesize these strategies within global mobility programs without a specific action plan in place.

Let’s look at how DEI concepts can be applied within a global mobility setting and how your mobility program can benefit from cultivating an environment of diversity and equity.

How DEI and Global Mobility Align

The concept of diversity, equity and inclusion should be a fundamental objective across globally mobile organizations. Aligning the goals of global mobility and DEI is a worthwhile cause that can reap positive benefits across the spectrum of your organization. Establishing an inclusive mobility program demonstrates to employees that an organization is willing to invest in their growth and development at a personal and professional level.

A diverse workforce can create a reputation of equality that attracts a wide range of new talent in different markets. When asked about importance of diversity in the workplace, 76% of employees and job seekers said it was important when considering a job offer, meaning disregarding DEI initiatives may be limiting your hiring pool. The diversified cultural experiences presented by international markets will help create global-aware leaders.

Forward-thinking companies recognize the benefits of creating a diverse workplace. For example, companies that welcome diversity are 1.7x more innovative. In addition, racially and ethnically diverse companies have a 36% higher likelihood of financially outperforming less diverse competitors. Incorporating DEI strategies within global mobility programs will allow organizations to flourish.

How to Achieve Your Mobility Program’s DEI Goals

If your organization wants to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive global mobility program, you should create an actionable plan that consistently progresses over time. Here are some ways you can work towards achieving your mobility program’s DEI goals.

  • Understand workforce mobility demographics: the concept of workforce mobility helps create and establish a blueprint for employees aspiring to leadership roles. Obtaining a close understanding of employee populations and demographics can help your company better understand whether or not inequities exist. Once the data is gathered, decision-makers can make an accurate determination as to whether or not specific populations are underrepresented.
  • Review your workforce mobility policy benefits: identifying and reviewing workforce mobility policy benefits can help you determine if your organization is serving all demographics equitably. Although current policies may be in place, they must be able to reflect inclusivity. Assessing these decisions can help create a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion that may not exist within current benefit structures.
  • Review mobility candidate selection criteria: organizations should review how employees are selected for specialized positions and assignments in different parts of the country or globe. Following outdated procedures or using particular business managers repeatedly may lead to hidden biases or prevent underrepresented individuals from achieving the opportunities they deserve.

Having your team develop a comprehensive, actionable plan can help you establish an effective DEI global mobility strategy that lays the foundation for an equitable and inclusive workforce mobility program, not to mention the potential added benefit to organization succession planning.

Creating a Unified DEI Global Mobility Program

Companies are now focusing on creating workforce mobility programs that incorporate DEI strategies at a global level. With corporations becoming more globalized, hiring and attracting diverse talent amidst an international landscape is critical for employee retention and performance. Therefore, organizations should utilize DEI-focused global mobility strategies in the ever-changing landscape of global mobility policy.

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