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Overcoming Employee Relocation Concerns

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Despite the increase in remote work opportunities, employee relocation is arguably the most important business practice in the global mobility industry. Restructuring, job changes, and new business ventures like expansion often involve relocating employees temporarily or permanently. Employees stand to reap several intrinsic and extrinsic benefits, yet not all are keen on moving. 

Factors like family, cost of living, culture, comfort zones, and climate can all impact an employee’s decision to relocate. While most of these factors exist outside your control, understanding the mental and emotional aspects of relocating and anticipating possible employee reservations can help you develop a relocation program that allows employees to see the positives of moving. 

Let’s look at how your company can help employees overcome perceived challenges and roadblocks to relocating. 

Equip Employees for Cultural Shock

The benefit of assisting your employee with the physical aspect of relocating is a no-brainer, but as stated earlier, relocating is as mentally and emotionally taxing as it is physical. While your team handles the logistics of moving household goods, your employee might experience stress or concerns about adjusting to their new environment and the cultural challenges they will undoubtedly face. 

Arranging cultural training for your relocating employees is a proactive and practical way to help them overcome their concerns about their new environment. You can even take this one step further by pairing your relocated employee with a native employee or arranging a meet-up if they are replacing someone. This allows the newly relocated employee to learn firsthand from someone familiar with their new location and gain valuable insight into what life will be like. Your employee is more likely to agree to relocate if they feel confident they will have the tools and resources needed to tackle cultural challenges and acclimate to their new location. 

Provide Familial Support

Family is an integral part of employee relocation that can make or break an employee’s decision to relocate. In many cases, your employee isn’t moving alone; there’s a spouse, children, parents, or even pets to consider. Ensuring a smooth transfer for your employee and their family can lead to more productive and satisfied employees – which in turn, leads to long-term loyalty and an increased ROI. Providing partner support for job-search assistance and referrals to support and care options for children and seniors could help sway an employee on the fence about relocation. 

Prioritize Employee Well-being 

It goes without saying that relocating can be a chaotic and stressful process. Employees can become easily overwhelmed by the prospect of leaving their comfort zone and starting over, especially if their family is involved. The mental and emotional toll relocation takes on your employees oftentimes go overlooked, however, employee well-being is vital to a successful assignment and talent retention. 

Providing detailed knowledge of their new location, access to mental wellness experts, or establishing connections with support groups or like-minded people in their new community can demonstrate that you are invested in their professional and personal well-being. This focus on employee well-being can help build trust between you and possibly reduce stress as they prepare to embark on their new journey. Developing a comprehensive relocation program that helps alleviate not only the financial and logistical hurdles but also the emotional ones too can help employees overcome concerns with relocating. 

The Ineo Platform as a Support Tool for your Mobile Employees

Relocating can be beneficial for employees and their families, but these benefits can become overshadowed by the stress and strain of the process. Offering an accommodating and effective relocation package that prioritizes employee well-being can help ease the apprehensions of those reluctant to move. Contact us today to discover how our comprehensive global mobility software solutions can help your organization create a mutually beneficial relocation program for you and your employees. 

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