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Why Ineo?

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Simple question. Easy answer: We know more about the things you need us to know.

More about the complexities of managing global mobility programs — and more about how to solve their inherent challenges. More about mobility software. More about tax. More about expense management and other mobility-related financial services solutions.

And because we know exactly how your business needs to function, we put you at the heart of everything we develop and deliver. That’s how we keep companies running more smoothly and employees working more efficiently.  And it’s why we’re absolutely committed to sharing our knowledge: so you have what it takes to best leverage our proven expertise, and to meet all your global mobility challenges. In a nutshell, that’s why Ineo. And here’s why else:

WE LISTEN MORE; WE LISTEN BETTER. Ineo’s management team members have worked on both sides of the global mobility table, so we’re industry-savvy; we get where you’re coming from and know exactly what questions to ask. Are you trying to increase productivity, decrease costs, or improve your overall performance? Need help managing vendors, staying on budget, or meeting employee reimbursement expectations? Need sophisticated tax advice to ensure compliance? Our first step is always to become as intimate as possible with your company’s needs and desires, and then to apply solutions that meet your goals.

WE EVALUATE AND EDUCATE. Specific to who you are and what you need, we offer expert and personalized C-suite guidance, advice, and attention. Then we design a strategic and unique solution that seamlessly incorporates Ineo services and technologies into your existing systems and processes. And because we’re our industry’s thought leader, we ensure that our clients are well-educated global mobility product consumers. Every year we create vital resources, including a renowned tax publication, celebrated webinars, conference speakerships, and educational programs that keep clients abreast of our industry’s best practices.

WE DELIVER. All Ineo clients need three things: strategically designed processes and controls that ensure process-efficiency and program compliance; robust, easily created and consumed reporting; and the ability to align closely with multiple stakeholder needs. We deliver all these things across the board. After that, the choice is up to you. Our flexible purchase philosophy means you buy only what you need, only when you need it. Maybe you’ll leverage Ineo’s wing-to-wing global mobility software and profit from our industry-leading self-service capabilities. Maybe you’ll use our full-service financial solutions, including home sale closing, financial management, and global compensation services. Maybe you’ll take advantage of expert pre-move tax consulting or multi-state, multi-country tax preparation services for your mobile workforce. Whichever Ineo products and services you choose, you can be confident they’ll be efficient, accurate, secure, and compliant — and that they’ll impressively manage the requirements and demands of both your company and your mobile workforce.

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