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Streamlining Global Mobility with APIs: The Future of Productivity

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As the Global Mobility industry progresses to support a wider array of methods for mobilizing staff, the needs of Mobility teams have evolved in tandem. What was once a job focused solely on supporting expatriate assignments has expanded to supporting a whole suite of solutions. Long-term assignments, short-term assignments,  permanent relocations, localizations, commuter or rotational assignments, and remote work are just some examples of the types of employee relocations that require support from an employer who may or may not have a dedicated Global Mobility team.

In response to these needs, many employers and Global Mobility programs are looking to increase productivity by reducing tedious and repetitive work so that they can focus on more important aspects of their job, such as finding and moving talent faster while ensuring mobile employees are being treated equitably. One solution to this problem is the use of Application Programming Interfaces; you may know them as APIs!

What can APIs do for me?

APIs are a predefined communication protocol between technology platforms. In its simplest form, an API allows one system to request a predefined list of data elements from another platform. The requesting platform sends a query to the API hosting platform using a data element from its list, the API hosting platform determines the answer and then sends it back. APIs can be unidirectional or bidirectional and synchronous or asynchronous, depending on the communication needs of the platforms involved. That’s a lot of words, we know, so now let us tell you what APIs can do for your global mobility program and mobile workforce.

APIs for Global Mobility Programs

The use of APIs in the Global Mobility industry can bring about automation, flexibility, speed, and accuracy. APIs allow Mobility teams to replace tedious tasks such as manually entering employee data into a Global Workforce Management software that was already populated in a separate HR system, loading immigration or component benefit details from suppliers, requesting standard vendor services, updating payroll figures, and pulling shipping or flight information. By using APIs, Global Mobility teams can save significant amounts of time and energy, and reduce human error associated with repetitive tasks.

Although technical staff are needed to implement API integrations, the investment in time is usually relatively low and a one-time effort. The long-term benefits to the Global Mobility function will accrue into the future as more and more businesses mandate that their preferred suppliers have APIs for transmitting data.

The Ineo Platform for your API needs

The adoption of APIs is becoming more mainstream, with many suppliers already supporting them.

Ineo provides an industry-leading global Mobility Management platform, The Ineo Platform, that allows you to easily integrate your existing systems into your new host environment, making it easier for Mobility teams to automate and streamline their processes. Our APIs allow for integration with all major HRIS and payroll systems, immigration providers, shipping/logistics companies, Wage and Tax Statement (W-2) services, and tax equalization and protection services. Ineo APIs can drastically reduce work effort, often saving Global Mobility teams weeks of staff time that is better dedicated elsewhere.

By working with Ineo, Global Mobility professionals can take advantage of powerful APIs that enable them to automate tasks, from creating immigration cases to retrieving shipping and flight information. This automation helps to reduce the risk of errors from manual inputs and ultimately save staff time. Our APIs provide Mobility teams with a more seamless and efficient way of working, allowing them to focus on the mission-critical actions and follow-ups more conducive to ensuring an exceptional relocation experience for their mobile employees.

APIs are here and will continue to grow!

The uptake of APIs in the Global Mobility industry will only escalate over the coming years. Software being built now is designed with APIs in mind, and the interconnectivity of software products in the future will give the Global Mobility industry more flexibility to pick and choose their favorite providers and solutions to connect them with their own user interface that simply calls each API as needed in the workflow.

Automation, flexibility, speed, and accuracy – That is what the Relocation and Global Mobility industry is looking for and where we are headed! Through the use of APIs through The Ineo Platform, you can achieve these outcomes and facilitate a seamless and exceptional relocation experience for your program!

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