Individual Tax Return Preparation

Thanks to the complicated tax laws that impact relocating employees, preparing and filing federal, multi-state, local — and often multi-country — tax returns can be a confusing and stressful obligation for assignees and transferees. We get that. So Ineo built a specialized team of mobility tax experts with both U.S. domestic and international experience to help our clients stay completely compliant while maximizing all of their appropriate tax deductions.

We’re proud to say that employees of Fortune 2000 companies, several federal agencies, “Big Four” accounting firms, and non-US based corporations utilize Ineo’s tax preparation services. Whether they are individuals relocating within the U.S., U.S. expatriates or foreign nationals, they count on Ineo’s unique knowledge of global mobility tax laws to help them navigate tax season.

We also specialize in assisting corporate employees who have received W-2c’s from their employers by preparing amended tax returns for their federal and applicable states and localities.

Equally important to sharing our knowledge, we are committed to making sure each client feels listened to and cared for. Just as each work assignment is unique, personal situations are unique. You can count on Ineo’s tax experts to provide personalized service throughout the planning and filing process, so you can focus on your work, your family, and the opportunities on your doorstep.

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