Mobility Program Tax Policy Consulting

When was the last time you reviewed your global mobility program US tax policy? Our expert level review will ensure compliance for corporations and relocation management companies.

Mobility tax is complicated…and can be daunting. This couldn’t be more true with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act causing all companies to review their policies and policy language. But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook on accuracy and compliance.

Consider the many potential permutations. Moves from the US to anywhere in the world are treated as international assignments, yet moves from anywhere into the US are treated as domestic. And treatment of moves into the US by employees from other countries – typically referred to as “foreign local hires” – are particularly complex and prone to be out of compliance. Then of course there’s the difference between a traditional relocation with intent to stay in the new location indefinitely or for more than one year, and the temporary assignment, with initial intent to stay less than one year. Based on the different types of moves or assignments, very different payroll tax withholding regulations apply as do very different gross-up policies.

Ineo Tax Services provides expert level review to corporate mobility programs and RMCs to ensure your mobility policies comply with Security and Medicare payroll tax and withholding laws: We will:

  • Conduct a line-by-line, or policy-by-policy review, looking at each individual component from a tax compliance perspective and offer guidance on necessary revisions.
  • Ensure that each and every expense category an assignee or transferee might incur is tax coded correctly within the policy.
  • Review and revise your gross-up policies, for while these policies may seem similar to payroll withholding laws, there are significant differences.


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