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How does Ineo help increase compliance and mitigate risk associated with the global mobility workforce?

We hear this question every day. The good news? Ineo has answers. Our wide range of global mobility software, tax, and financial solutions help businesses better manage a changing world and an ever-expanding global workforce.

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The New 2018 Tax Guide

The Relocation Tax Advisor provides expert guidance for 2017 filing along with information on rates and issues for the 2018 tax year.

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Tax Updates

2018 Supplemental Rate

The IRS released today the updated 2018 withholding tables which include a decrease in the 2018 supplemental rate from 25% to 22%. The withholding tables must be implemented by February 15, 2018, however, employers are encouraged to start using them as soon as possible. Employees will begin to see the effects of the new tax laws in their paychecks in February.

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2018 Federal Tax Information and Gross-up Percentages

This handy guide provides frequently sought after tax information, rates, and gross-up percentages for 2018, along with a comparison to 2017 data. This guide is even more important while we implement the newly passed tax reform into our mobility programs.

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Subject Matters

Demystifying Tax Equalization

Tax equalization is potentially my favorite topic when it comes to international compensation for mobile employees on assignment for an extended period. However, for many participants in the mobility process, from program office to individual assignees, the topic can seem overwhelming and confusing. Blame the terminology and the plethora of numbers associated with year-end settlements that in turn are linked to increasingly complicated international tax policy and filing of returns. In truth, tax equalization is a simple and straight forward approach to managing one of mobility’s highest spends. Let’s demystify…

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