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How can Ineo make my mobility program more efficient, accurate, and compliant without breaking the bank?

Ineo’s global mobility software, tax services, and financial solutions provide your program office all the tools you need to closely align with multiple stakeholder interests and to realize the highest possible return on investment.

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The New 2018 Tax Guide

The Relocation Tax Advisor provides expert guidance for 2017 filing along with information on rates and issues for the 2018 tax year.

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Tax Updates

2018 FICA Limit Increase

The 2018 FICA limit has increased from $127,200 in 2017 to $128,400 in 2018. The Social Security Administration had originally announced that the increase would be $128,700, however, this increase was revised after receiving additional salary data that had not been included in the original calculation.  The wage base calculation is determined by annual increases in a national wage index. Mobility professionals must be aware of this change as it relates to gross-ups and payroll calculations.

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First Quarter 2017 State Tax Updates

As we get further into 2017, many states are releasing tax updates for the current tax year. We are working hard to ensure we have the most accurate data available for our client’s tax calculations. Below are some of the most recent state updates included in that were released at the end of the first quarter.

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Subject Matters

5 U.S. Tax Compliance Tips for Global Assignees

Global assignment volume is increasing as companies look beyond their domestic borders to gain competitive advantage, access new markets, leverage advancing communication and technology infrastructures, and access an attractive global labor pool. As these companies expand, understanding foreign and domestic compliance requirements for their assignees can be overwhelming. There are totalization agreements and treaties between many countries, and navigating the compliance and tax obligations associated with a global assignment is complicated and often confusing.

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