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Q&A with Kevin Clark, CPA, Director of Financial Solutions at Ineo

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Kevin shares his observations on developing long-lasting customer relationships, the satisfaction of client education, and how there’s never a dull moment in the global mobility industry.

Anyone involved with global mobility administration can vouch that mobility program finances can be a complicated endeavor. There’s expense management, compensation processing, payroll reporting, compliance, etc. – and to make matters trickier, these aspects are ever-changing. Luckily, our Director of Financial Solutions, Kevin Clark, lends over 15 years of experience to the Ineo team and our clients.

About Kevin Clark

Kevin has over 10 years of experience in the global mobility industry – specifically in expense management, tax, payroll processing, and international reporting. Kevin holds a BS in accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Relocation Professional (CRP). At Ineo, his responsibilities include budgeting, lump sum calculations, custom reporting, exception and cost savings tracking, vendor management, payroll and internal audit, and tax gross-up processing and reporting.

Kevin has worked previously with Primacy, Cartus, and Graebel in various positions, including relocation accountant, payroll reporting analyst, customer finance senior, and manager of client financial services. He has supported clients of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to clients handling one move per year. During this time, Kevin has gained invaluable experience that allows him to be a subject matter expert in all financial aspects of global mobility. He takes great pride in ensuring all clients receive the best customer service possible with swift and professional guidance.


What are the benefits a company can expect from developing a mobility program?

A mobility program gives a company its best shot at providing a successful moving experience for its new or existing employees. No two moves are ever exactly alike. While unexpected hiccups will always pop up, having a mobility program prevents many of those negative surprises. In addition, a mobility program gives employees a clear expectation of the benefits they’re being provided, as well as access to industry experts who assist them throughout the relocation process.

If you’ve ever relocated for your job, what’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to those who are about to undertake a relocation?

I relocated from Tennessee to Denver for a job about seven years ago. My advice would be to understand your relocation policy inside and out. If your company utilizes a relocation management company, that partnership usually gives you direct access to a consultant. Take advantage of that and ask them as many questions as you need. A complete understanding of your policy gives you plenty of advantages because it ensures you get the most benefits.

Once you’re in your new location, the relocation process is still incomplete because many of the benefits your company provides are taxable income to you. So, ensure you understand what gross up methodology your company calculates per your policy. If it’s unclear, contact your consultant. Once you get a clear understanding, work with your tax advisor on a plan so that you don’t have any surprises when you file your taxes for that year.

How do you approach developing long-term customer relationships?

I believe in treating each customer the same. It doesn’t matter how big the client is – large or small. I believe in providing the best service possible, responding to inquiries quickly, exercising patience, and ensuring thorough answers. The relocation process can be very stressful for employees and their clients; I try to do my part to ease their stress by being respectful and attentive to their needs.

What’s your role in Ineo’s client experience?

I have direct contact with the relocation management companies we partner with and their client contacts. Those contacts range from HR folks to payroll to accounting – even to the transferees themselves. Essentially, I work with them on all financial aspects of relocation, including expense management, invoicing, payroll, and tax reporting. I also assist the mobility software team on new client implementations, any inquiries their clients have on the tax reporting process, and Move Track questions.

What aspects of your job do you find the most rewarding?

Solving problems. I enjoy working through an issue from beginning to end and the sense of satisfaction that goes along with that process. It could be talking a client through a gross up calculation, addressing a system-related technical issue, or identifying client reconciliation differences. What I appreciate the most is guiding a confused client through a problem, and suddenly, that “light bulb” moment goes off for them – everything clicks. And just the sense of satisfaction that goes along with that.

Often, clients have difficulty deciphering the tax side of things; that’s understandable. It’s up to me to translate and make it comprehensible. While sometimes that can be difficult, that sense of relief you see on their face once it clicks is truly awesome.

What’s your most important lesson from working in the mobility industry?

Expect the unexpected. One of the things I appreciate about working in mobility is the variety of things you encounter daily. A lack of predictability keeps you on your toes – you never know what your day will look like when you clock in. That could range from a tax law change that impacts the relocation process, a wild fluctuation between currencies, or a complete 180 by a client regarding their relocation policy due to ever-changing world circumstances or factors within their company. There’s never a dull moment in global mobility, that’s for sure.

How do you enjoy spending your free time when you’re off the clock?

I love spending time with my wife and three kids. Living in Colorado, we appreciate being outdoors, going on hikes in the mountains, and tubing. We’re also huge sports fans, so we enjoy cheering on the local teams; my kids are in sports, too, so we’re frequently at their games. Though I don’t have as much time as I’d like because raising children keeps us busy, I love traveling. Recently, I started putting the phone down a little more at night and reading instead; I’m enjoying that, too.

If you could relocate anywhere, where would you choose?

If I had to pick a spot in the states, I would choose East Tennessee. I’m originally from West Tennessee, but I’ve always loved the Knoxville area and the Smoky Mountains communities, like Gatlinburg. I’ve always been fond of that area and the people there. Of course, I’m a big Vols fan, too.

If I had to pick a foreign location, I would choose Ireland. It’s a beautiful place with incredible architecture, and I’m fascinated by their culture and traditions.

Take advantage of our financial services team’s collective industry expertise

Ineo’s CPA-designed and CPA-led financial services will take the guesswork out of increasingly complex global mobility assignment compensation and expense management. Kevin and the financial services team look forward to providing your mobility program with streamlined solutions with guaranteed accuracy, reliability, and compliance. Contact us to learn how partnering with Ineo can benefit your global mobility program today.

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