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An Expert’s Favorite Global Mobility Tax Resources

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What you should know before you go: our favorite resources for the globally mobile employee on the move.

Accepting a domestic or international assignment also means taking on a slew of changes that are guaranteed to accompany your new position. The best action to reduce unnecessary tax stress is to do your due diligence by consulting professional support and online resources, then weighing the information. 

Our mobility tax experts have collected our favorite relocation tax resources so you can enjoy the excitement of your new assignment instead of worrying about being caught unawares by any unwanted financial surprises.

Accepting a relocation assignment might affect your taxes

From state-to-state tax law disparities and the eligibility of relocation fee deductions, assignees might be surprised to know that relocating for their job may influence their filing process and returns. This may mean an increased tax liability or modifications in the number or types of required filing forms. 

We’ve compiled a list of sites to help prepare you for potential tax changes you’ll face when accepting an assignment and for you to reference when you’re filing for the tax year.


Resources for relocation taxes:

As you can expect, the official IRS website is a must-have bookmark choice for any tax professional’s browser. In addition to being the hub for all things pertaining to taxes, the IRS website also provides free tax preparation and filing services

Seeking out information pertinent to your particular tax situation? The IRS website hosts downloadable publications and guides, including topics ranging from “Taxes for Seniors” to glossaries on bilingual tax terminology. 


Are you a mobile employee that relocated within the US? The Federation of Tax Administrators website offers a complete directory of all state tax sites and their respective tax forms.

Ineo Blog 

As global mobility tax and finance experts, we aim to help educate and inform both industry employees and assignees alike. Our blog has something for everyone, with posts to advise global mobility tax professionals and relocation tax insight for mobile employees. 

This website provides accessible tax-related insight for consumers, including a voluminous blog archive, helpful federal and state tax information, and convenient printable checklists for tax preparation.


Though the website may appear dated, TaxTopics is a public service directory that publishes a current and comprehensive list of tax-related links.

Ineo Mobility Tax Advisor

We’ve compiled our handy, comprehensive Ineo Mobility Tax Advisor magazine, which features everything from important tax dates to the ins and outs of global relocation assignments. This publication is a must-have for mobility programs looking to provide and empower their assignees with necessary tax-related information.

Getting a move on your relocation assignment

Short-term or long-term, local or international – all assignments will require that you transport some level of personal effects from point A to point B. Some relocations may necessitate purchasing or selling homes, trucking furniture to a new apartment, or coordinating overseas shipping. 

Whether you’re still weighing your assignment offer or are already shoulder deep in packing peanuts, consider virtually dog-earring these sites for reference. 


Resources for relocation and moving: 

We appreciate that provides a plethora of consumer guides to buying and selling real estate and weekly reports on legislation affecting realty transactions. The website also publishes a tips catalog for buyers, renters, and sellers

A sister-site to, offers an online directory of vetted moving companies, truck and transport rentals, and moving containers. They also host an extensive catalog of moving-related blogs and a helpful move planning tool

Considering a relocation assignment but unsure how your current city measures up to the one you’d be assigned? has an insightful city comparison tool, which lets you juxtapose two cities to compare how they fare regarding demographics, school quality, economics, and other quality-of-life factors.


If your relocation involves buying or selling a home, Homegain can connect you with your perfect realtor. Homegain provides vetted agent referrals and screenings, in addition to valuation estimates. 

Relocate Global

As a multi-media publisher for the global mobility market and relocation industry, Relocate Global is geared towards industry professionals but is beneficial to assignees alike. Relocate Global’s website has digital issues of their magazine and industry guides available for online reading or download. Relocate Global also provides an online directory of relocation services.


This website offers a simplified process of comparing services and rates for the national and international transportation and storage of your vehicle, machinery, and equipment. iRelocate also ensures that all moving professionals are licensed and insured.


Whether you’re renting, selling, or purchasing a house, Zillow is an excellent source for assignees on the move. You can browse homes and rental listings in your new city, peruse mortgage opportunities, find a qualified real estate agent, educate yourself with guides, and produce real estate analysis reports.

All the best resources, rolled into one

As with all things, the ideal resource is a team of industry experts. Ineo is proud to provide first-rate global mobility tax services for globally mobile companies and their employees, including pre-move consulting and relocation tax preparation.

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