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Deborah Gioiella in front of global mobility landscape

Q&A with Deborah Gioiella, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Tax Services at Ineo

With legislation continuously evolving, it’s challenging to stay atop of ever-changing tax laws. But keeping in the know is crucial when it comes to ensuring clients’ tax compliance. Luckily, Deborah Gioiella is up to the challenge.

Brian Vitello standing infront of global scene

Q&A with Brian Vitello, CPA, COO of Financial Solutions at Ineo 

Brian provides insight into the global mobility industry’s unique challenges, finding satisfaction in client success, and the secret to developing lasting customer relationships.

Dan Duffy Leadership Blog

Q&A with Dan Duffy, CPA, Chief Product Officer at Ineo

Ineo’s CPO discusses the role of technology as a mobility program keystone, misconceptions about the industry, and how to cook brunch like a professional.

David Oltman Headshot Infront of planet earth

Q&A with David S. Oltman, SCRP, Chief Compliance Officer at Ineo

David Oltman, Ineo’s Chief Compliance Officer, discusses how the shift towards remote work raises new compliance challenges, the ramifications of new tax laws, and a license plate any financier will love. 

Break the Bias: International Women’s Day is Cause for Celebration at Ineo

Four Ineo women share how they overcame career challenges, their advice for young women in the industry, and how gender inequality in the professional world still needs addressing.

Q&A with David Santora, CEO of Ineo

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